How to Decorate Your Kids’ Bedroom

10 Easy Tips on How to Decorate Your Kids’ Bedroom

Decorating your children’s bedroom is quite challenging since you need to consider the present and future needs. They will not be using the room during their childhood alone but until they grow up. It is ideal to involve your kids’ on the planning stage to, at least, know what they prefer. You don’t have to follow everything that they say. Do not decorate their rooms into a specific cartoon character they are so fond today, because they might change their choice tomorrow.

It is important to note that your children’s bedroom should be their sanctuary where they can rest, play, and study. You must save a space where your kids can do what they love. Above all, kids must feel that they have privacy whenever they are in their bedrooms.  

There are three things to consider when decorating your child’s bedroom: his/her personality, how it will match with the design of the whole house, and the budget. With this, we’ve provided 10 tips on how to design and decorate your kids bedroom.

1. Keep it Simple. 

Make the decorations simple, select a neutral color so that it will be easier to change as your kids grow and change their preference. Minimize the use of furniture so they will have more space to play. A bed, cabinet, storage shelf, and a study table and chair would be enough primary furnishings.  

The video offers tips on how to create a room that your kids will surely love. Catherine-Lucie Horber discusses the importance of involving your children in decorating their bedroom.

This video gives you 20 amazing decoration ideas for your kids bedroom. The designs are affordable and easy to make.

2. Select flexible furniture.

Choose furniture with simple lines. A race-car shaped bed is ideal for a seven-year-old but not for a teenager. Go for furniture that your kids won’t outgrow immediately. You can never go wrong with daybeds and oak wood. The simpler the furniture is, the more flexible it is.

3. Provide enough space for their activities.

Kids require more space to play, move, store clothes and toys, and entertain friends. Consider this when designing their rooms: Toddlers need a spacious area for playing while teenagers require space for more adult activities like entertaining their friends.

4. Design a functional space.

Kids bedrooms are not just designed as a place to sleep, but a sanctuary for contemplation after a tiring day in school or play. Designate a corner or a small space where they can spend their free time or alone time. Creating a kid-friendly work area gives your kids an area where they can color, read, and do their hobbies. This is also essential in their mental and physical development. This space is ideal when your child gets older. Teenagers require personal workspace where they can study and do their homework.

5. Introduce a little magic.

Add something magical that will encourage your kids imagination. You can include fairy lights that will give them a little glow while they are sleeping. This will give them comfort and assurance, especially for those who are afraid of the dark. Kids will also love a star, moon, and sun glow in the dark. A little stargazing before dozing off will surely make a peaceful sleep.

6. Select the perfect color combination.

Most of the time, you are unaware that colors affect your behavior and mood. That is why it is important to choose the right color for the rooms of your kids. They are fond of colors, but a rainbow or bright-colored room is not a great idea at all. Pink is always associated with girls, but painting the whole room with pink can become irritating so better use it in moderation. It is ideal to use pink on the rug, furniture, or wall decoration. On the other hand, blue represents the boys. The color is a calming shade that is associated with the ocean and skies. It is a great choice for kids who are hyperactive or those with sleeping problems.      

Check out these relevant resources to find out the best color for your kids room. 

7. Add pattern and texture.

Pattern and texture are as important as colors that can add life to your kids’ bedrooms. Using pattern and texture with the right balance is a sure success. Different patterns will create contrast, convey your design style, make the area interesting, and give energy. Textures can be added on natural materials, textiles, and architectural features. These two elements will help you synchronize the room.

These relevant resources will give you more ideas on how to add pattern and texture effectively. 

  • Tips for Working With Pattern and Texture: The post provides tips on how pattern and texture can enliven rooms without overwhelming them. It includes photos on each tip that will give you a hint of which is which. 
  • Patterns in Kids’ Rooms: The post provides information on the different approaches to maximize the benefits of patterns in kids’ rooms. It also includes sample images that will help you choose the best one suited for your kids.
  • The Importance of Texture in Interior Design: The post offers tips on how to effectively apply texture to make the space more lively. It also discusses the importance of incorporating texture when decorating.

8. Add more storage.

Kids own a lot of stuff from toys to books to clothes; thus, making their rooms cluttered all the time. One way of addressing the mess and keeping your kids’ room organized is to include functional and practical storage. You can opt for a bed that comes with storage on the side. This will be accessible for your toddlers and will be easier for them to get and store their toys and books. All you need is some effective storage solutions to make their rooms clutter-free.

We’ve listed three ideal storage drawers you can include on your kids bedroom.

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Check out these relevant resources that will help you choose the best storage strategy that will keep your kids’ room organized.

9. Choose art decorations.

You can include some art and movable decorations that will represent your kids’ personality. It is important that their rooms say something about them. You can hang their favorite animals, cartoon characters, and things that can be easily removed once they no longer like them. Installing a strip of chalkboard will encourage their creative mind and fun while doing their homework. This is both applicable for toddlers and teenagers so you don’t have to worry about removing it when your child grows up. 

  • Andecor Soft Bedroom Rugs: 4cm high velvet pile gives a soft feeling, and the color will not fade. The sponge in the middle of the carpet soothes your tired feet.
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The video offers great ideas on how to decorate your kid’s room as well as art selection.

Watch this video and learn 20 easy DIY room decorations.

10. Include soft furnishings.

Aside from furniture, soft furnishings like curtains, cushions, rugs, and bed linen also complement the pattern, texture, and color of the room. When picking a rug for your kids’ bedroom, it is a must that it has underlays and grips to ensure that it will not slip. This will avoid any accidents since kids love to run around. In terms of selecting the appropriate curtain, you must consider its purpose. Is it just an additional design or does it need to block the light from the sun? Bed linens should provide comfort to your kids so they will have a good night’s sleep.

Here are some soft furnishings that you can consider.

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Check out these relevant resources and gain more idea on how to select the best furnishings for your kids’ bedroom.

Styling your kids’ bedroom is both exciting and enjoyable. It is important that your kids are involved with the planning so you can balance the decoration based on what they want and what is practical. Remember that their bedrooms are an extension of their personality, it is their private space. Having a place they love will surely inspire them to keep it clean and organized. Happy decorating! 

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