10 Educational Piñata Fillers

10 Educational Piñata Fillers

A piñata is a container filled with treats like candies and toys. It is being broken as part of the celebration. Piñatas are an integral part of parties, they add to the excitement and fun. Commonly, piñatas are filled with different kinds of sweets but these are not-so-healthy options for the young ones. Instead of filling your piñatas with candies, why not try something educational, something that they could use to enhance their knowledge, and something they could use in school? We’ve listed top 10 best educational piñata fillers that are a sure hit to your kids and their guests.

1. Coloring Book

Kids love to color anything and everything so you can never go wrong in adding mini-coloring books to your piñata.You can customize it by adding a dedication or a thank you note on the cover of the book. 

We’ve listed some of the best coloring books that you can add to your list. 

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2. Crayons

Who doesn’t appreciate sitting with crayons and coloring sheets? Even adults have that urge to pull a box of crayons and play with colors. Fuel their crafty side by including crayons in your piñata. 

Considering adding these non-toxic seven-colored crayons from Partituki. The crayons are certified according to EC non-toxicity standards (EN-71 Certification). These are mess free, easy to sharpen, and crafted to be used by kids because they are especially made to paint correctly.

Pinata Fillers - Partituki Crayons
Available at Partituki.com

3. Drawstring Bags

Known for being easily accessible, easy to grab and go, and space saving. Kids will definitely love getting one. They can use it anywhere and everywhere they go. These are ideal storage for their crafty materials and other educational things. 

If an ordinary drawstring bag can excite your kids, what more if they can color it? Partituki’s drawstring bags were not just a bag but a coloring material too. Kids can color them before using. These are certified according to EC non-toxicity standards (EN-71 Certification). These bags are exceptionally strong (100 gsm density) to allow reusing and washing them. Each bag comes with seven-colored crayons.  

10 Educational Piñata Fillers - Partituki Drawstring Bag
Available at Partituki.com

4. Colored Pencils

At this stage of their lives, kids love being crafty. Colored pencils, just like crayons, are made for coloring and drawing rather than writing. Kids also love colored pencils so make sure that you have them too. Just a fun trivia about these pencils: Do you know that Felissimo, a Japanese company, sold the largest colored pencil set with 500 unique colors. 

Colored pencils of Partituki are perfect for young children. They will feel like real artists creating their masterpiece. These colored pencil sets from Partituki will be a sure hit to your kids. 

10 Educational Piñata Fillers - Colored Pencil in Cylinder Partitui Colored Pencil in Cylinder10 Educational Piñata Fillers - Colored Pencil in Box Partituki Colored Pencil in Box

5. Pencil Cases to Color

Pencil case is always present in your kids’ bags to ensure that their pencils and other writing materials are well-organized. This is also used to store crayons when removed from the boxes. 

Instead of including an ordinary pencil case, you can include this pencil case to color. Kids will surely have a good time while decorating and beautifying their pencil cases before using them.

10 Educational Piñata Fillers - Partituki Pencil Cases
Available at Partituki.com

Partituki Pencil Cases to Color and Crayons Sets: The pencil cases are certified according to EC non-toxicity standards (EN-71 Certification). These are exceptionally strong (100 gsm density) to allow reusing and washing them. Each set includes a pencil case and seven-colored crayons.

6. Puzzles

Playing with puzzles play an important role in your kids skills development. These  hone their cognitive, problem solving, and social skills. Solving a puzzle also boosts their self-esteem. See how your kids’ enthusiasm once they get a set of puzzles once the piñata is broken. 

Here are some of the best options to include in your piñata. 

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7. Rubix Cubes

Rubix cubes have six faces with small colored squares: green, red, orange, white, yellow, and blue. Being colorful attracts kids and inspires them to solve it. This is a great past time for kids as well as adults. Being one of the piñata fillers will absolutely catch your kids’ attention. 

Here are some ideal rubix cubes that you can choose from.

8. Legos

Kids love building and constructing their own masterpiece; hence, giving them legos will further encourage them to build and learn more. Legos work best in developing your kids’ patience and organizational skills. It also workd best in enhancing teamwork and concentration. 

We’ve picked the best lego toys that are best for your kids. 

9. Erasers

Eraser is one of the primary tools that learning kids should have, even adults need it too. These are created so that everyone can correct their errors. Erasers are stickier than the paper that is why when they are rubbed on the surface of the paper they pick up the graphite particles.  

Here are the best erasers you can give to your kids and their guests. 

10. Ink Stamps

Ink stamps are a must inclusion to your kids crafty materials. They will definitely enjoy playing and creating art with these stamps. They can also use these stamps as a seal or signature for their crafts. 

Here are the ideal ink stamps for your little ones.

Check out these relevant resources and discover other non-sweet piñata filler options. 

Piñatas don’t have to be filled with sweets, there are other options and alternatives. You can opt for healthier food options or useful things.  

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