10 Affordable First Birthday Party Tips and Ideas

10 Affordable First Birthday Party Ideas and Tips

First birthday deserves to be celebrated. It should be fun, memorable, and lively. But it doesn’t mean that you should shell out a handsome amount. Your kid’s first birthday party can still be unique and beautiful without hurting your pocket. We’ve provided tips and ideas on how to throw a budget-friendly first birthday party. 

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1. Determine your theme. 

If you’re planning to have a themed-party, determine it first before proceeding with the planning. Knowing what’s your ideal theme first will make the rest of the planning easier. Your decorations should match with the theme as well as the birthday invitation, the food, and the budget.

2. Make your decorations simple and age-appropriate.

There are lots of available beautiful and amazing decorations that won’t hurt your budget. It is also important to include decorations that are appropriate for your guests, something that will not be eaten. Instead of latex balloons, use those that are made of foil or Mylar. 

We’ve listed the top three affordable decorations. 

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  • Bememo 1st Birthday Baby Photo Banner: The photo banner is made of thickened kraft card paper, strong and durable. Package includes 12 pieces photo paper cards with different months from 1 to 12.
  • Litaus Tri-Color Birthday Decorations: Garland decorations and balloon decorations are awesome addition to girls first birthday decorations and so versatile.
  • JOYYPOP 1st Birthday Boy Decorations:  The decorations pack includes almost all decorations you need to build an unforgettable 1st birthday party. Only safe and quality items are chosen to make up our 1st birthday blue decorations kit.

If you want to show your creative side, you can opt to create your own decorations using recycled materials and/or cheaper materials. Here are some DIY ideas for you. 

  • 8 Cheap (and Fun) First Birthday Party Ideas: The post provides 8 budget-friendly first birthday party ideas. It includes a framed photo collage, making treats part of the decor, and having a ball pit. 
  • 17 First Birthday Party Ideas for Moms on a Budget: The post provides 17 affordable first birthday party ideas that will make your kid’s big day extra special. It includes a step-by-step on how to make a mini triangle pennant banner, a chalkboard sign featuring all their stats, and animal party hats. 

3. Keep the party short.

Toddlers are a bit impatient so make sure that your party will not be longer than two hours. The ideal schedule of the party should be after their nap time. You might not want to deal with the crankiness of sleepy kids. 

4. Prepare activities that will keep them entertained.

Make sure to include fun activities that will make everyone a winner. Toddlers can’t accept losing yet. Activities should also be a balance of physical and relaxing activities. All physical activities might make them hyper so ensure that you have something to appease them. 

Here are some relevant resources of ideal activities for toddlers.  

5. Prepare more finger foods.

Your kids won’t give much attention to the food so make sure to prepare something they can munch wherever they will go. Prepare finger foods that will encourage them to grab one. There are lots of finger food options to choose from, but select the healthy ones.

Here are some relevant resources that will help you choose the best finger foods for your guests.

  • Toddler Birthday Party Finger Foods: The post lists 15 birthday party finger foods that are a sure hit to kids that even picky eaters will love. It includes Homemade Mini Corndog Muffins, Mac and Cheese cupcakes, and Tortilla Roll Ups.
  • 27 Total Fun Foods You Need For Your Kid’s Party: The post provides 27 ideal foods for your kid’s party. It includes Taco Cups, Sorting Hat Cupcakes, and Lunch Kebabs.
  • 41 fast and fun finger foods: The post provides 41 easy finger foods that you can serve at your one-year-old birthday party. It includes Fried Chicken Fingers, Pork Lettuce Wraps, and Classic Fish and Chips.

Ideal Party Themes

1. Baby Shark

From being a famous nursery rhyme to an ideal birthday party theme. Make your kid’s doo-doo-doo-doo-doo party dream come true. It is easy to organize and plan. 

Watch this video and learn some DIY Baby Shark Party decorations including glass decoration, gift bag, and photo booth prop. 

Check out these relevant resources that will give you more idea on how to throw a Baby Shark birthday party. 

  • 15 Baby Shark Birthday Party Ideas We Love: The post includes ways on Modern how to bring the Baby Shark birthday party theme to life. It includes ideas and tips on cakes and treats, decorations, and invitations.
  • Modern Baby Shark Birthday Party: The post provides images of different baby shark birthday party decorations in sparkling blue and white. It includes a wonderful shark balloon installation, shark cookies, and blue water jello cups. 

2. Thomas the Train

Toddlers love Thomas and his friends and how they are helping the community. Be more inspired to organize a Thomas the Train party theme with these relevant resources. 

3. Unicorn Party 

Bring the magical feel to your kid’s birthday party. Unicorn-themed party is one of the most cheerful parties you can throw for your one-year-old. The theme gives you a chance to play with your imagination.

Here are some of the relevant resources you can check to make your party more magical and fun. 

4. Cars

Who doesn’t love Lightning McQueen and enjoy his racing journey? Better organize your Car-themed party and get ready to race. 

Watch the video and learn DIY decoration ideas for throwing Cars-themed party. 

More Cars-themed party ideas from these relevant resources.

5. Super Mario Brothers

Originally, a famous video game that aims to surpass all the challenges and save the princess.

For more first birthday party ideas, you can check these resources.

When your baby turned one is really an exciting and a joyous moment for everyone. A milestone that should be celebrated. No matter how fulfilling and exciting it could be, remember that the party should not hurt your bank account. It doesn’t have to be grand, it needs to be fun and enjoyable.

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