10 Ideal Outdoor Toys For Your Kids

10 Ideal Outdoor Toys For Your Kids

As technology is rapidly developing and evolving, kids become more hooked and enthralled with their iPads and video games. Most of the time, they no longer care about the outside world nor notice that it is a perfect day for an outdoor activity. Instead of letting them be, why not introduce to them some fun outdoor toys that will surely make them forget their gadgets? We’ve listed 10 best of the best outdoor toys that guarantee a playtime full of fun.  

1. Toy Archery Set

Why not boost the archery skills of your kids? Challenge them to hit the bullseye. Archery has various benefits for your kids, may it be physical or mental. The sport teaches your kids focus, concentration, self-discipline, and patience. This will also help your kids learn from failure, it teaches kids to be resilient and encourages them to keep trying until they hit bullseye. Archery improves their physical health as it requires walking back and forth to get the arrows. Standing up is beneficial for posture while drawing a bow requires controlled strength. So, better be ready and hit the bullseye!

Watch this video and learn how to play archery. It also showed the proper way to store the toy. 

Read these relevant resources and learn more about the benefits of archery to your kids. 

Select one from of these toy archery sets and let the aiming begins.

2. Inflatable Surf ‘N Slide

Who doesn’t love sliding and gliding on a slide-and-slide? Playing in the water is one of the favorite games that children love. We’ve gone ahead and selected the best surf ‘n slide that you could give to your kids. 

However, if the budget is tight, you can have your homemade slip and slide using painter’s plastic. All you have to do is lay the plastic, pour some soap, and sprinkle it with water. 

This video will walk you through on how to make your own DIY slip and slide.

3. Saucer Tree Swing

Kids will surely love going back and forth while riding on a saucer tree swing. If your kids get dizzy easily, they can just lay still on the swing and watch the clouds. The swing is big enough so the whole family can take a ride or can look for animal-shaped clouds together. It would be a great bonding for the family. 

To lessen your burden in finding the best saucer tree swing for your little ones, we’ve selected the top four best swing. 

4. Kids Parachute Toy 

Children can do a lot of things from this parachute toy. Kids will definitely get entertained playing the parachute games. They might forget that gadgets exist. Check out these resources that list down the perfect games for your young ones. 

Kids will also be excited once they see this video on how to play Igloo.

There are several parachute toys that you can choose from so we’ve gone ahead and listed the most affordable ones.

  • MountRhino Kids Parachute: 6ft diameter, 9 separate handles spaced evenly around for indoor outdoor games exercise group play. Made of eco-friendly and durable non-toxic 100% Polyester material.
  • Sonyabecca Kids Play Parachute: 6-feet diameter, 9 separate handles romotes cooperative group play while helping to build muscles.
  • Gimilife Parachute for Kids: The parachute 9-feet diameter is a good tool to teach children about team spirit and adapting to society.

5. Inflatable Play Set

Your children will truly enjoy bouncing, climbing, jumping, and more with these inflatable play sets. These will be beneficial to their physical health and well-being. Kids will definitely drop their gadgets to enjoy this inflatable play set. You also don’t have to give your full attention to them. 

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6. Soccer Goal and Pitch Back

Soccer is one of the most popular games in the world that is being played everywhere. Kids will love having a mini-soccer field in your background. They will be excited to have a kick and score a goal. The game will help them build valuable life skills including decision making, problem-solving, hard work, and communication. It will also help them the importance of cooperation and teamwork.  

7. Outdoor BBQ Playset

Giving your kids cooking sets while they are young will definitely boost their interest in cooking. Kids can pretend that are cooking and grilling real barbecues. This will be a total for them. We’ve listed three outdoor BBQ playset that you can choose from.

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8. Shark Pool Toss Game

Kids can play this both on dry land or in the pool. They will surely enjoy this fun toss game. The game will develop your kids hand-eye-coordination as well as social skills. To help you find the best shark pool toss games, we’ve listed three fun and enjoyable toss toy.

9. Sand and Water Play Table

Let the kids feel they are on the beach with this two-in-one water table and sandbox. Kids can fill the other side with sand and make sandcastles while the other side can be filled with with water. They can let their figurines swim in the splash pool. Here are some ideal sand and water play tables for your kids they will defeinitely enjoy.

10. Kite

Who wouldn’t want to fly a kite? Flying a kite gives your kids a chance to be outside, breathe some fresh air, and get some exercise. They will surely get excited when it soars so high and they’ll be challenged to keep it flying.

This video willsho you how fun it is to fly a kite with the whole family.

Read these relevat resources and find out more ablout flying a kite.

Here are some ideal kites for your kids.

  • aGreatLife Huge Rainbow Kit: This easy flyer is specially designed to be stable and not difficult to launch in any level of wind. The durable fabric body and tail will last for years.
  • Hengda Kite for Kids: This kite is sturdy and beautiful in the sky. Flying the kite is undoubtedly an entertaining activity for both kids and adults.
  • Mint’s Colorful Life Mermaid Kite: Simple instructions, easy to assemble, easy to fly, super steady in the sky. Strong rods and kite string.

It is important that your kids should play outside once in a while. This will enhance their physical health, mental development, and emotional aspect. Do not allow your kids to focus on their and missing the fun outside. There are a lot of ways to encourage them to get up and play outside. Happy playing!

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