11 Birthday Party Ideas for Eight Years Old Kids

“A birth-date is a reminder to celebrate the life as well as to update the life.” – Amit Kalantri

Eight is a great number so it is ideal to organize a birthday party for our kiddos. They are already in between childhood and teenhood. Most of the time, they only wish to celebrate this kind of occasion with their friends. Make sure to involve them in the planning. You can organize a party that is beyond two hours since eight-year-old kids are more patient. Try to incorporate more mental activities like mystery games and riddles and more competitive games since they can already understand winning and losing. 

Nowadays, hosting a birthday party is really stressful and painful to our bank account. Some parents throw their children’s birthday party in an expensive venues or go all-out with the decorations when done at their backyards. We are pressured to keep up with these grandiose celebrations; however, our budget does not permit us. Don’t worry, there are lots of options that can make your kids’ birthday party memorable and fantastic without spending a fortune. Parties should be fun, not a burden. To help you ease your worries, we’ve listed fun and budget-friendly birthday ideas for your eight years old.

Ideal Party Themes

1. Backyard Beach Birthday Party

A beach party is one of the fantastic ways to celebrate your kids’ birthday; however, bringing the whole gang to the beach is a total bank draining. So instead of going to the beach, why not bring the beach to your backyard? Here are some of the common things that make your guests feel that they are really on the beach.

Make sure to set-up the inflatable pools decorated with beach balls. For food snacks, use beach buckets and shovels instead of the traditional bowls.

Check out these relevant resources to get more tips on how to organize a beach party at your backyard.

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2. Art Birthday Party

An art party encourages everyone to be creative. It is an ideal way to discover your artist in the making. You can challenge your kids’ creative side by letting them create crafts out of recycled materials. If you opt to a painting challenge, you can ask the parents to bring the art materials of their kids so you can save extra dollar from purchasing for everyone. But here are some affordable art materials you can consider.

You can also try letting your guests color their placemats. Try these amazing printable placemats from Partituki. You can print as many as you want for the price of one.

Happy Birthday Placemat

Good to Have You Here Placemat

Each of these printable placemats are available in 2 sizes and 2 formats for a price of one. All elements are created for quality prints with 300 dpi resolution. Grab yours now at Partituki.com.

Your kids will also love coloring these free pages from Partituki as well as solving the maze and spotting the difference puzzles.

Free Coloring Pages
free game pages
Free Game Pages

Get these freebies at Partituki.com.

3. Slumber Birthday Party

Kids at this age can stay up a little late and can be allowed for a sleepover. You can invite the closest friends of your birthday celebrant, set up those indoor tents or mattresses, and prepare some snacks. Start the party after dinner so you don’t have to prepare party food. Just some light snacks they can grab and munch. Activities can include watching a movie, decorating cupcakes, and some board games. Limit the activities so they can sleep on time, but you can allow them to have some chit-chats. You can also encourage them to read books and share what they have learned from it. You might want to consider these amazing books from Partituki.

The Amazing Partituki & Friends. The...
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  • Partituki (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
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A great adventure book that teaches a good lesson of being nice, making friends, and working as a team. Partituki and his friends (Lillycorn, Maxpanda, Funnydino and Sussiephant) will have to combine their super powers and work together to beat the Hungrydragon. A very sweet bedtime story gift book for your youngsters or toddlers. 

Will the Princess Get Married?
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A great fictional book that will give your kids an idea about royalty and true friendship. The story tells about Princess Claire and Prince James. They were about to get married, but something happened on the wedding day that could hinder Prince James from attending the special day. Let us all find out if the Partituki Club can save their happily ever after.

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4. Minions or Despicable Me Birthday Party

Kampai! Happy ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-nana, ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-nana, banana-ah-ah. day! Who doesn’t love to sing-along with those cute yellow creatures from the “Despicable Me” movie? Decorating the venue is easy since you will just focus on yellow and blue. You can start the party with a scavenger hunt and the clues will lead them to the real venue of the party. Scatter as many minions as you can and let the guests find all of them until they reach the venue. Welcome them with a drink in a minion cup. A minions party will not be complete without banana. You can either serve it fresh, prepare a smoothie, or dip it in a chocolate syrup. Check out this video and get some DIY ideas for your minions party. It includes steps on how to make DIY minion cups, goody bags, and some snacks.

For more information, you can visit these relevant resources and learn more.

5. Trolls Birthday Party

“Happiness isn’t something you put inside, it’s already there. Sometimes you just need someone to help you find it.” – Poppy

The “Trolls” movie is a story about happiness. It involves dancing, singing, and bright colors so make sure that your venue will replicate these elements from the movie. You must include more singing and dancing activities, decorations must be colorful, and the food must bring joy to everyone. Here are some bright ideas you can consider in organizing your Trolls birthday party.

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Birthday Celebration Without a Party

If you don’t have enough budget to throw a birthday party, there are still ways that can make your kid’s birthday celebration memorable. Here are some alternative ways to celebrate his/her birthday among the family without spending a lot. 

6. Camping with the Family

One of the best ways to bond with the whole family is through camping. You can head to the local campsite, go for a little hike and enjoy the scenery, or make your backyard a campground. Spending quality time with the family without gadgets is definitely a one of a kind birthday celebration a kid would ever want. Check out these amazing activities you can incorporate on your family camping.

7. A Movie Date With the Family

Why not catch your most awaited movie with the gang? It won’t hurt your budget for movie tickets, popcorn, and drinks. A lunch or dinner at the mall’s food court is the best way to end the day. A cheaper option would be setting-up the living room into a mini-movie theater. You can order pizza, grabs some snacks, and prepare the family’s favorite drinks.

8. Family Picnic at the Park

If the weather permits, it would be a great time to spend the day at the local park. Get those picnic mat and basket ready and head to the local park near you. If you want, you can tag along some close friends. 

9. A Day at the Zoo

Take a trip at the zoo near you. A visit at the zoo will definitely excite the kids and adults too. The celebrant will surely enjoy feeding the animals and seeing animals he/she rarely encounter. Some zoos offer fun activities that the whole family can try. Do not forget to pack your snacks so you’ll have something to eat after the activities and running around.

10. A Simple Family Dinner

Sometimes the best birthday celebration is by simply being gathered around the dinner table with the whole family, sharing stories, and laughing together. You can book a reservation at the celebrant’s favorite restaurant and ask the staff to prepare a cake and sing a Happy Birthday. If dining-out is a bit expensive, you can cook a simple dinner. Do not forget to include the celebrant’s favorite food.

11. Fun Day at the Amusement Park

When was the last time your family had visited an amusement park? Why not give the celebrant the ride of his/her life at the park? Make sure to plan ahead of time so you can avail discounted ride packages, parking, and food.

Check out this page and find out more ideas in celebrating birthday without a party: Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday Without a Party – The post provides 14 alternatives on celebrating birthday without a party.

Invitation tips: Instead of spending extra penny on making invitations, you can try using online RSVP. This is being offered for free plus you save time from distributing the invitation one-by-one. You can also help save the environment with this paperless invitation. 

Here are some relevant resources in organizing a birthday party for your eight years old.

One of the disadvantages of a low-cost birthday party is that it requires more time and effort, but the dollars you’ll save is pretty significant. If your heart is torn between a DIY party at home and a grandiose party, consider that your child will remember the fun not how much you spend. Sometimes the best celebration we could ever have is spending the special occasion with our whole family. Throwing a fancy party does not make you a great parent nor organizing a simple one makes you a bad parent. We don’t have to keep up with the expensive parties we have attended. Keep it simple and within the budget.     

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