12 Birthday Party Ideas for Seven Years Old Kids

12 Birthday Party Ideas for Seven Years Old Kids

Your growing child definitely have ideas on the kind of party they would want to have so do not forget to include them on the planning. Hosting a birthday party for our kids means extra expenses and additional cut to the budget. However, the first thing that we should keep in mind is that the party doesn’t have to hurt our bank account. It would be best to keep it simple and invite the special friends of our son/daughter. Organizing a small party will allow our kids to spend time with all of their guests plus a chance to strengthen their friendships. We’ve listed tips and party ideas for your soon-to-be seven years old. 

Party Themes

One of the crucial elements of the party is the theme. Once you’ve chosen the theme, it will be a lot easier to decide on the invitation, decoration, food menu, and party favors. We’ve chosen six party themes for your seven years old.


If the birthday celebrant is into sports or an active kid, organizing a sports-themed party will be a total hit. You can stick with your kids’ favorite sport or incorporate different types of sports like basketball, soccer, and baseball. Try to include healthy physical games and mental challenges on your program. A game-themed party improves your kids’ leadership, sportsmanship, and cooperative skills. Design your venue with sports-filled decorations. Here are some interesting decorations for your mini-olympics.

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You can also check out this relevant resource and find out more about organizing a sports day birthday party. 

How to Host a Game-Themed Party for Kids – The post provides tips on how to host a game-themed party for kids. It includes 7 party games ideas that kids will surely enjoy. It also shares tips to keep the party fun and enjoyable.

2. Minecraft Party

Nowadays, kids are obsessed with the game “Minecraft.” Is it a common interest of your kids and their friends too? If so, it would be great to throw a minecraft-themed party on your kids’ seventh birthday. You can ask your kids to design his preferred invitation as well as the decoration of the venue.

Watch out these amazing videos and learn techniques on how to organize your own DIY minecraft-themed birthday party. 

Learn how to make TNT Lolly surprise, minecraft, pinata, creeper lolly bags, Nether portal, coal, and many more. 
The video provides tips and ideas for DIY minecraft birthday party. 

Find out more on how to organize a fun-filled minecraft-themed birthday party with these relevant resources.

3. Bake Your Own Cake Party

Is baking something that tickles your little one’s interest? Does he/she loves interfering in the kitchen? Why not boost his/her interest in baking by organizing a Bake Your Own Cake themed birthday party? Decorate your kitchen with a Happy Birthday banner, some balloons, and you’re all set for the party. You can divide your guests into small teams and prepare a baking station for each. The station should include a printed cake recipe, pre-measured recipes, and decorating ingredients. You can lead the baking session while other adults can supervise each team. While the cake is in the oven, you can ask each team to clean their station. You can also prepare some fun activities and games to keep them entertained. If you have limited time, you can bake the cake before the guests arrive and just let them decorate it. 

Coloring their placemats would be an ideal past time while waiting for the cake. Try these printable placemats from Partituki.

Happy Birthday Placemat
Happy Birthday Placemat
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Each of these printable placemats are available in 2 sizes and 2 formats for a price of one. All elements are created for quality prints with 300 dpi resolution. Grab yours now at Partituki.com.

Your kids will also love coloring these free pages from Partituki as well as solving the maze and spotting the difference puzzles.

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Free Coloring Pages
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Free Game Pages

Get these freebies at Partituki.com.

Here are some additional resources that you can consult to find more ideas on how to create a baking-themed party.

  • How to Throw a Cake-Decorating Birthday Party – The post provides tips on how to throw a cake-decorating party. It includes simple decoration tips.
  • Kids Cooking Party – The post provides tips and ideas in organizing a cooking party. It also includes ideas on party invitations and goodie bags. It also features a delicious party menu.

4. Circus Birthday Party

Calling all circus lovers, let us all come together and enjoy the show. Hosting a circus party may require extra time and effort since you must live with the fun and entertainment. Circuses are known for being colorful so you must decorate your venue with primary colors and boost a happy feeling. You also need clowns and acrobats to make your circus more realistic, but if the budget does not permit to hire these entertainers, you can simply add more activities. Here are some ideal games you can incorporate on your next circus party. 

  • Disk Drop Game – Players will drop the wooden disk from the top of the board to bottom with the goal of landing it on the highest numbers. They will be given tickets equal to the highest number that the disks landed in.
  • Carnival Can Bean Bag Toss – Players will be given three bean bags. They will have two turns to knock down the tower of cans. Tickets await for every can they will knock down. 
  • Spin-A-Prize – Who doesn’t love spinning a wheel and win a prize? Each player will have three chances to spin the wheel and won tickets.

Here are some suggested products for the said activities. 

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  • Party Planner: How to host a circus party – The post provides tips on how to create and balance all the elements of a circus party. It includes ideas on perfect invitations, decorations, and games. 

5. Fire Fighter Party

At this stage of our kids’ lives, they are often asked what they want to be when they grew up. A career-related themed party for his/her seventh party would be a good idea to help him decide what his dream job is. One of the crowds’ favorites is a firefighter-themed birthday party. You can contact the fire station near you and book your kid’s birthday party. It would be ideal to throw your party at the fire station to save up extra dollars and time since you don’t have to decorate the venue. Majority of fire stations already have a program so you don’t have to worry about creating one and offer the venue for free. It is your choice to give them a token of appreciation.

If you prefer to do it at home, you can check out these resources and learn how to throw the best firefighter party in town.

  • Firefighter Party – The post provides tips and ideas on how to organize an amazing firefighter party. It also includes different craft activities. 
  • How to Throw a Firehouse Fun Party – The post provides helpful tips in throwing a firefighter party. It provides suggestions on the ideal activities to consider to keep your little firefighters busy. It also includes a step-by-step on how to create a firefighter-themed birthday cake.
  • Firefighter Party Games – The post lists 9 amazing party games including extinguish the flames, rescue the kitten, and bucket brigade.  

6. Cowboy Party

Howdy, partners! Are you ready to be part of the best rodeo party in town? What are you waiting for? Put on those cowboy boots, vest, and hat and head to the Wild West. It is important to set the Wild West vibes from the invitation to the party food. We’ve listed some party supplies that might be helpful in setting the Wild West aura at your venue.

Watch this video and be inspired to make your own DIY Cowboy-themed party.

You can also check these relevant resources and learn more about organizing a cowboy-themed party.

More Tips…

Here are some additional points to remember when organizing your kids’ birthday party:

7. Keep it simple. The party does not have to be expensive and grandiose. Fun and memories are the most important things that your children should get from the party.

8. Consult the celebrant for the party’s theme and the guest list. You do not have to invite the entire class or the whole neighborhood. Just a few special people that your kids would love to celebrate this special day.

9. Incorporate games and activities that your kids and their guests will surely enjoy. Be sure to include more games since kids of their age are more interested in playing rather than the food.

10. Prepare more finger foods, something they can munch while waiting for their turn or while roaming around. You should prepare a balance of sweet and healthy snacks.

11. Give some party favors that your guests can take home. It doesn’t have to be expensive, you can even create one if you like.

12. Do not spend more than what you can. Remember that a birthday party should not hurt your pocket or savings.

More relevant resources on how to organize your seven-year-old birthday party. 

Sometimes, throwing a birthday party with a lesser number of guests are more fun and enjoyable. We have more intimate moments with our guests plus it is within our budget. Again and again, keep your parties simple and within your means. Organizing a not-so-expensive birthday party won’t make you bad parents.

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