13 Best Party Places for Your Kids’ Birthday

13 Best Party Places for Your Kids’ Birthday

Determining a venue is one of the crucial parts when organizing a birthday party for our kids. Will it be indoors or outdoors? Rent a place or at home? Let’s admit it, venue has the highest cut of the budget. To ease your stress in deciding where to hold your kids’ birthday party, we’ve 13 listed ideal and affordable venues. 


1. Fire Station

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Why not give your local fire station a call and see if you can throw your little one’s next birthday party at their place. Most of the time, conducting parties at local fire stations are free, but still do not forget to give some donations or tokens of appreciation. Aside from enjoying, your kids and their guests will learn more about the tasks of firefighters and the equipment they are using. In terms of activities, staff usually have a program fully lined-up like giving your kids a chance to play as firefighters by sitting in the fire truck, using the hose, and sliding down the firefighters’ pole. Instead of preparing party food, you can opt to take the kids on the nearest pizza parlor. You will save a lot of time in preparing and, of course, money. However, it is ideal for a small group party only since fire station cannot accommodate large groups. Do not forget to ask the officer-in-charge of their maximum capacity so you can limit your guest list.

2. Bowling Alleys

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You can never go wrong in throwing a birthday party in a bowling alley. Kids would be more than excited to knock down bowling pins and score a strike. Your kids will definitely have a good laugh when they start hitting the gutter instead of the pins. If your guests can’t handle the regular bowling ball, you can ask the bowling alley staff for smaller-sized balls. You can bring along some snacks and drinks as well as pizza and cake. But to lessen the hassle, you can order snacks from the bowling alley food service. For practicality’s sake, ask the parents if they can bring water for their kids to save some dollars. It is also important to call your prospect bowling alley to make a reservation and ask if there are available bowling shoes for kids.

Here are some tips on how to organize a bowling party for kids.

3. Science Center

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With the advancement of technology, STEM careers became one of the fastest growing demands in the world. It would be ideal to take your little ones to a science center and boost their interest in math and science. Museums offer hands-on, life-sized, interactive experiences and experiments that will surely enhance your kids’ knowledge. Instead of organizing the usual party for your kids, why not try to call the science center near you and make a reservation? There are about 150+ science centers in the country that are appropriate for kids. Check out these relevant resources and see if there’s a science center near you. 

  • List of science centers in the United States – The post is a comprehensive list of  science centers in the U.S. It includes the city and state of each science center. It also includes links for further information about the science centers.  
  • 20 Best Science Museums in the U.S. – The post lists the top 20 best science and natural history museums for kids in the country. The listed museums are sure to get your little one interested in biology, math, technology, physics and more. It also includes guides per museum.  
  • The 10 Best Science Centers – The post lists the top 10 science museums that are ideal for younger audience. It includes details on the services that the science museums can offer as well as the fees.

You don’t have to prepare extravagant party food to take along the venue. A simple sandwich and packed juice would be sufficient since kids will surely be preoccupied learning and exploring the area. A treat on their favorite fast food or pizza parlor will also do.  

4. Movie Theater

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Do movies are something that make your kids tick? Are they excited for the upcoming movie or is there a movie they want to watch? Instead of throwing a birthday bash at your home, you can propose a simple celebration at the movie house. Reserve tickets at the theater, buy some popcorn and drinks, and you are all set for a fun and memorable party. Your kids will surely thank you for this movie date with their friends. You can also invite your guests to grab some snacks at the mall’s food court after the movie.

Find out more about to host a movie theater birthday party.

5. McDonald’s

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If you are looking for a simple and affordable kids’ party plus you don’t have to worry about the venue, decoration, program, and food, McDonald’s is the best option. You will definitely found a McDonald’s near you wherever you live since the fast food chain is literally everywhere. Locate the one near you with their area locator. From there, you can check the available party services they offer and the price. Just make sure to book your reservation a week before the party. 

6. Community centers

Community centers are available for different celebrations for a reasonable price. It would be advisable to book your party as early as you can to ensure that you can hold the party at your desired date. Use portable decorations since you only have limited time to decorate and clean the area. It would be better to use materials that won’t leave a mark to walls and other areas, like string, low-tack tape, and removable self-adhesive hooks. You can also include activities that don’t need too much props as well as games that are not messy.     

7. At Your Own House

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There is nothing more ideal than throwing a birthday bash at the comfort of your home. Everything comes in handy and you don’t have to pay extra on renting the venue. You also don’t have to worry that the weather might ruin the party.  


8. Apple Picking Farm

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If your kids’ birthday falls during the fall season, why not try to bring the kids to the nearest apple orchard and enjoy picking apples? Fall is the best season for apple picking. Orchards boost apple picking with live music, corn mazes, festivals, and hay rides. Check out these relevant resources that will help you find the apple farm near you. 

9. Local Park

Local parks is one of the best and cheapest venues for your kid’s party. This is free of charge but if you want to make sure that change in weather won’t ruin your party, you can rent the pavilion. You don’t have to spend on decorations since the nature is the best background for picture taking. Limit the activities since kids will surely enjoy playing at the park’s playground. Kids will also be engrossed with running around so you must prepare more finger food and individually-packed snacks. You can also invite as many as you want since there’s no per-person fee. A memorable and enjoyable party for a lesser cost and stress.  

10. Aquatic Center

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Hosting your kid’s party a government-owned aquatic center is much cheaper compared to privately owned water park. Some aquatic centers also offer party packages for an affordable price. It would be ideal to make it a small group party since it requires a lot more adult supervision. You definitely want to avoid untoward incidents and keep the fun. 

11. Hiking Trail

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Nowadays, kids spend too much time on their gadgets so it is ideal to get them out of the house once in a while. You can plan a hiking adventure on your kid’s next birthday party. You can consult the Internet to find the ideal hiking trail. Make sure that the trail leads to a breathtaking scenery and a perfect place for a picnic. It is also important to bring lots of water and snacks that kids can munch along the way. Brief all of the kids of the dos and don’ts when hiking, especially the things they need to do when they got lost. 

Check this relevant resource to find more ideas on to organize a hiking party.

25 Tips For Hiking With Kids – The post provides 25 tips on how to organize a successful hiking party. It includes prioritizing safety, picking proper hiking trail, and paying attention to the weather. 

12. Campgrounds

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Another nature adventure that kids should try. Invite parents so you can spend a night at the campground. Kids will love singing, dancing, and grilling their marshmallows and hotdogs on a bonfire. It is also exciting to watch the sunrise together. 

Check out these videos and be inspired to grab your camping bags and spend the night with the nature.

A tutorial on what to pack for your kids when going on a camping. 
The video shows Lane Fournerat and his family’s camping trip at Chicot State Park Ville Platte, Louisiana. He showed some things to do when camping.

Check out these amazing resources to help you find the ideal venue for your kid’s next party. 

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I hope that you’ve already figured out the next venue for your kid’s party from the list. Party venues do not have to be grand or expensive, what’s important is that the party brought joy and memories to our young ones. Good luck on your next party. I would love to hear about it. 

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