15 Best Budget-Friendly Party Games for Kids

15 Best Budget-Friendly Party Games for Kids

Cake and gifts might be the star of the party, but games and activities keep the guests entertained and energetic. When planning which games to incorporate on your party, consider the following factors to ensure that nobody is left out and hurt. 

  • For our toddlers, competitive games are not advisable since they still don’t know how to cope with losing as well as they don’t have idea on what sportsmanship is. 
  • To maintain their excitement, include more physical activities and limit mental games. They are already bombarded with intellectual games at school. 
  • Look for games that don’t consume too much time. Kids easily get bored. 
  •  Make sure that all of the games are applicable for both girls and boys. As much as possible, avoid those gender specific games. 
  • Always prepare a plan B or a back-up plan whenever plan A does not work.

We’ve listed 15 fun and exciting party games that you can choose from. We’ve also included some ideal products you can use for each games to save you time.

Games that Requires Minimal Expenses

1. Pin the Tail on the Donkey

A classic party game that is a sure hit for our kids. You can change it Pin the Nose of Olaf, Pin the Horn of the Unicorn, or depending on what is relevant to your theme or what you want.

Things You Need: 

  • Poster of a donkey without a tail
  • Tail stickers
  • Blindfold

How to Play the Game:

Paste the poster of the donkey without a tail on the wall that is within the reach of children. Let the players fall in line. Each player will be blindfolded and will be spun until he/she gets disoriented. He/she will then walk towards the picture and will try to pin the tail of the donkey. The player who pins the tail that is closest to the target will be the winner.

2. Scavenger Hunt

Let the search begins. Kids will surely enjoy roaming around the area collecting the things listed. 

Things You Need: 

  • A list of the things to collect 
  • A bag where they can put their collectibles
  • Marker, pen, or pencil to mark what they’ve already found

Watch this short video to gain idea how to prepare the things needed. 

How to Play the Game:

Give each player or team the things needed for the hunt. Let them go wild as they search for all the things on the list. If your time is limited, you can instruct the kids that the game is good for 15 or 30 minutes only. The one with the highest number of things found wins. 

Here are more ideas on how to organize a scavenger hunt game for your kids. 

3. Doughnut Challenge

Kids will be more than excited to start biting those hanging doughnuts. Better be ready with packets of wipes after the game. 

Things You Need: 

  • Ring Doughnuts
  • Rope
  • Strings or ribbons

How to Play the Game:

Tie a rope horizontally to tree branches or something sturdy. Use strings or ribbons to hang each doughnut to the rope. Ask the players to put both their hands behind their backs. Each player must eat as much of the doughnut without it falling and touching. Once the player touched or the doughnut fell, he/she is out. The one who finished first wins.

4. Egg and Spoon Race

Kids will do everything to protect the egg from dropping and breaking. 

Things You Need:

  • Spoons 
  • Toy eggs

No products found.

How to Play the Game:

The game can be played individually or by team (depending on the number of your guests).

If this will be played by team, each team will have one egg, which will be passed by the first player to the next. Each player must reach the marked area then go back to the starting line without dropping the egg. If the player drops the egg, he/she must go back to the starting line and repeat the process. The egg will then be passed to the next player. The first team to finish wins.

If to be played individually, the player will race to the marked area then go back to the starting line without dropping the egg. The first one to finish wins. 

5. Balloon Burst

Things you Need: 

  • Balloons
  • Pen and Paper

How to play the game: 

Write different challenges on the paper. Before inflating the balloons, insert the papers. 

Kids will bop the balloon in the air until the music stops. Whosoever touch the balloon when the music stops must pop the balloon and do the challenge inside it.  

6. Bucket Toss

This game will definitely challenge the shooting skills of your kids.

Things You Need:

  • Six buckets or pails
  • Ping pong ball
  • Prizes

How to Play the Game:

Number the buckets from one to six and line them up. Put prizes in each of the buckets, in which the highest number has the biggest prize. Each player will toss a ping pong ball on the first bucket, then move to the second if the first one gets in. The highest-numbered bucket that a player lands the ball in determines which bucket he/she gets to pick a prize from.

7. Prize Walk

It is like the game cake walk, but kids win prizes instead of a cake. 

Things you Need:

  • Colored papers
  • Prizes

How to Play the Game:

Write the numbers one to twenty on colored papers then taped it on the floor in a circular manner. Prepare small numbered squares to correspond with the numbers on the colors paper, then put it on a basket or box. Play a music and let the kids walk around the colored papers until the music stops. Pick one numbered square from the basket. The player standing on the same number wins a prize.

8. Bubble Wrap Race

This is a simple game but will give so much to your guests. 

Things You Need: 

  • Bubble wraps

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Place a large sheet of bubble wrap on the ground. Each player should cross over the bubble wrap without popping any of the bubbles. The player who crosses without popping any bubbles wins. 

9. Bingo

Things you Need:

  • Bingo game set

How to Play the Game:

Each player will be given a bingo card. The bingo master will call the number and players will mark it on their cards. The player who completed four numbers in a row, may it be crosswise, diagonal, or up and down wins. You can repeat this game for as many as you want. 

10. The Name Game

Things You Need:

  • Some small sticky notes (post-its)
  • A pen

How to Play the Game:

Write the name of known personalities, fictional characters, or cartoon characters on the post-its. Make sure that the players will not see the names on their foreheads. When everyone has already named, the players mingle and walk around the room. They will ask sort of questions that can be answered by “yes”, “no” and “not applicable” until they guess the name written on the sticky notes.  

11. Coloring Activity

One of the best games to do to cool-off their energy while you are preparing the table. 

Things You Need: 

  • Coloring sheets
  • Coloring materials

Mechanics of the Activity:

Challenge your kids to show their crafty and imaginative side. Let them color each sheet according to what they want.

Games That Cost You Nothing

12. Simon Says

action activity boy children 296301

Simon says is a classic game that requires no props but brings a lot of fun. 

How to Play the Game:

Choose someone to be Simon. Kids will follow the command of the leader if he/she begins with “Simon says.” The kids who follow the command without the “Simon says” at the beginning are out. To make it fair, you can give everyone a chance to be Simon. 

13. Three-Legged Race

kids 1331011 640

A game played in pairs and requires minimal props. 

Things You Need: 

  • Handkerchief or something to tie each pair’s legs

How to Play the Game:

Pair the kids based on their height and built. They stand next to each other, arms around one another’s waist. Tie their inside legs (the right leg of the partner on the left and the left leg of the partner on the right). Players must walk or run as fast as they can from the starting line up to the finish line. The first pair to reach the finish line wins. 

14. Charades

Categories will depend on the theme of your party or the interests of the kids.

Things You Need: 

  • List of items to guess
  • Pen and paper for scoring
  • A timer

How to Play the Game: 

Divide your guests equally. The actor will act out the words or phrase so other team members can guess what it is. The actor should not say any word. You can give each team 5 minutes each. The team with the highest number of correct answers wins.

15. Hot Potato

potato 1487142 640

Kids will surely would not want to touch that hot potato. 

Things You Need:

  • Ball or Balloon (or anything you can use as Hot Potato)
  • Music

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 How To Play the Game:

Let the children sit in a circular form. Start the music and let the children pass the hot potato around. When the music stops the player holding the hot potato is out. The last player left wins the game. 

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Kids’ parties will not be complete without fun activities and games. These allow your kids and their guests interact with one another. It is important to incorporate games that are suitable to the participants. Keep it fun and safe. 


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