20 Original Party Ideas for Kids

20 Original Party Ideas for Kids

Most of the time, it is challenging to think of the best party you could throw or organize for your kids. It is always your goal to make the party successful and memorable to everyone. To help you ease the burden of searching and looking for the original and unique party ideas for your kids’ next party, we’ve complied 42 original party ideas.

How To Throw A Socially Distant Pizza Party from Sip Bite Go

Socially Distant Pizza Party - Original Party Ideas for Kids
Original Party Ideas for Kids

If you need to throw a birthday with a socially distant twist, try going to a park or hosting a backyard event where everyone gets mini personalized pizzas.

Let’s Go Bananas Birthday Party from Son Shine Kitchen

Banana Birthday Party - Original Party Ideas for Kids
Original Party Ideas for Kids

It’s time to Go Bananas! Ideas and food for a birthday party theme that’s all about bananas. Why bananas? The birthday boy asked for it!

Easy Camping Themed Birthday Party Ideas, Wesley’s Backyard Birthday Party from Joyfully Treasured

Easy Camping Birthday Party - Original Party Ideas for Kids
Original Party Ideas for Kids

The best party themes in my book are ones that don’t take much to pull together the day of. When Wesley was excited about the idea of a camping party, I knew we could make it happen without going too crazy.

Robot Party Ideas from Waco Mom

Robot Party - Original Party Ideas for Kids

Over the years we had several parties with Robot activities, though only one was really robot themed. 

An Airplane First Birthday Party from Dresses and Dinosaurs

Airplane Birthday Party

For his first birthday party, we decided on the theme airplanes.  My husband loves planes and we thought it would be cute for a first birthday party.  We decided to go pretty easy for the party since I tend to go out all out sometimes!  We had pizza, some appetizers and cake.

Toddler Artist Party from Life Anchored

Toddler Artist Party

I love to create and nothing makes me happier than sharing the fun of being creative with my little guy. He had so much fun with his first painting experience making art for the playroom. I figure that it was the perfect excuse to invite a bunch of kiddos and their moms of course, over for an artist party.

Real Parties: A Fall Gnome Birthday Party from Tikkido

Fall Gnome Birthday Party

I am so, so very excited to showcase this party. I got the idea for a gnome-themed birthday party when I came across a new edition of Gnomes by Wil Huygen, with amazing art by Rien Poortvliet.

How to Throw a Children’s Farmhouse Birthday Party {On a Budget!} from A Hundred Affections

Farmhouse Birthday Party - Original Party Ideas for Kids
Original Party Ideas for Kids

Farmhouse style is these days, and it’s adorable as a theme for a kid’s party! Here you’ll find ideas for both a boy or girl, indoor or outdoor! Lots of budget friendly ideas!

Unique Birthday Party Favors for Kids from Protecting Your Pennies

Unique Birthday Party Favors

This is a unique twist on party favor treat bags for birthday parties.

Armor of God Birthday Party Ideas from B4 and Afters

Armor of God Party

This frugal party is for those who want a spiritual element. The Armor of God prepares you to face the world, and can be created with household items.

Peter Rabbit First Birthday Party from U Ready, Teddy

Peter Rabbit Birthday Party

This Peter Rabbit themed party ditches the traditional character illustrations and is instead inspired by rabbits and Mr. MacGregor’s garden. The garden fresh menu and floral decorations were classy and adorable. The highlights were the blueberry smash pies, the play dough carrot party favors and the garden herb centerpieces.

Cheerios Birthday Party + Cheerios Snack Mix from The Gifted Gabber

Cheerios Birthday Party

What better party food for a one-year-old than Cheerios? This Cheerios birthday party celebrates with all things Cheerios – the food, the decorations, and the activities!

Toy Story Birthday Party! from Disney Dream Co.

Toy Story Party

This Toy Story themed birthday party is perfect for any Toy Story loving kid! Also, all the decorations are easy to make even if you are a non crafty person!

The Hobbit Party: A Long Expected Party {Lord of the Rings} from Little Earthling

The Hobbit Party - Original Party Ideas for Kids

Lord of the Rings/Hobbit Party. Full of great photos, food and decoration ideas.

Winter Party Decoration Ideas from Sustain My Craft Habit

Winter Decoration Ideas

Check out this list of fun and festive winter party decoration ideas. You might even notice a bit of theme with these party decorations.

How to Throw an Adorable Llama Birthday Party from Mama Shan loves

Llama Party

This llama birthday party is perfect for little girls! The decorations are magical and fun!

A Travel-Themed Birthday Party from Milana’s Travels

Travel Themed Party

I have a family travel blog and we did a travel themed party for my daughter’s 5th birthday.

Bug Party Fun! from Imaginative Homeschooling

Bug Party Ideas

Our bug themed party the year my son turned seven was, by far, my favorite party we’ve had with the kids ever.    Everything worked, yet it still felt simple.   Part of it was due, I know, to a bunch of parents who choose to stay, help where needed, and a group of kids that just got along so well.   But we had some neat games and activities I wanted to share with you all too. 

Shoppies And Shopkins Party Food Ideas from Diary of a First Child

Shopkins and Shoppies Party Idea - Original Party Ideas for Kids
Original Party Ideas for Kids

Aviya’s 6th birthday party was a Shoppies and Shopkins Party. We decided on a pamper party as that was something we could do indoors no matter the weather and because the party was in the mid-afternoon, we just needed snacks to nibble on.

How to Have an Epic Virtual Birthday Party For Kids from Raising Kids with Purpose

Virtual Birthday Party

Having a virtual Minecraft party was the best party my son ever had! All the planning for this kind of party is done online including the invite. Although you don’t need as many directions or activities, everyone who attended said it was incredibly fun and that they had the greatest time!

Throwing a party does not mean hurting your pocket. There are lots of ways to organize an affordable but memorable parties. I hope our list helps you find the party idea you can use on your kid’s party. Enjoy organizing the party for your kids.

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