25 Free Educational Resources for Your Kids

We wish nothing but for our kids to learn their fundamental knowledge, from ABCs to simple words to identifying colors, reading and writing. School is not the only avenue where our little ones can learn. Learning should be extended at home.

As technology continues to emerge, the Internet has been one of the learning resources of our young ones. To help you find the most appropriate and suitable resources for your kids, we’ve listed top 25 free educational websites.


1. Sesame Street

Kids love Elmo and his friends; hence, they will be interested in learning with the Sesame Street’s cast. The website caters hundreds of the show’s video clips and games that will help your young ones learn the ABCs, rhymes, animal sounds, colors, and many more. It also has an art maker page that allows your kids to enhance their crafty side.

2. PBS Kids

Your kids can watch the educational shows they’ve missed on PBS or simply watch their favorite shows over and over again. Your kids can select where they want to play new, popular, or hard games. They can sing-along, play instruments, count, read, write, and a lot more. Kids will learn while having fun.

3. Disney Jr.

Your kids can watch their favorite videos from Disney Jr. episodes. The website also offers games that will help your kids develop their memory, color matching, and hand-eye coordination skills.

4. Nick Jr.

Kids will surely enjoy the videos of their favorite Nickelodeon episodes ranging from Dora the Explorer, Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig, and many more. It also offers different games that allow your kids to explore their creativity, learn new music, work on numbers and shape recognition, etc.


5. Science Bob

The website provides interesting instructions and videos regarding science experiments and research. This will totally get your kids hooked with learning more about science.

6. National Geographic Kids

Does your kids love exploring anything and everything about our planet? National Geographic Kids is the best place where they can watch and learn interesting facts about animals, exploring nature, trying science experiments, etc. There are also a lot of interesting games that will surely challenge them to explore and  educate themselves further.

7. Science Made Simple

Kids are often curious about the whereabouts of the world. Learning starts via curiosity, by asking a lot of questions. Science Made Simple will help you answer their questions as well as encourage your kids to discover the answers. The website offers kids science experiment ideas and other science project topics.


8. CoolMath4Kids

From the name itself, CoolMath4Kids is an amusement park of games, lessons, and more designed to teach Math. The site aims to encourage 3 to 2 years old to learn the basics of Math in a fun, cool way. It features online math games about addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, decimals, and many more.

9. Math Is Fun

The website offers different math resources that are enjoyable and easy-to-learn. It also includes an illustrated dictionary of mathematical terminologies that will surely help your kids understand difficult concepts. Creators of the site believe that math should be fun not stressful and should be learned the simplest way possible.

10. AAA Math

The resource features thousands of interactive arithmetic lessons for Kindergarten up to eight grade students. You can choose the appropriate grade of your kids and they can start mastering their math lessons.


11. BBC History for Kids

Does history interest your kids? Do they love taking a journey through time? The website is the perfect one for them. They will surely love to discover and learn about ancient history, world history, and histories of specific countries like England, Ireland, and Wales.

12. Smithsonian Kids

The institution is the world’s largest museum, education, and research complex that features 19 museums and the National Zoo. The site offers articles, games, and videos that will help your kids discover new knowledge and preserve history.

Reading and Language

13. Open Culture

This best free cultural and educational resource provides thousands of free audio books that include various children’s classics. Some of the books provided are The Wizard of Oz, The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis, and Aesop’s Fables. This will definitely boost their comprehension.

14. The Kids Open Dictionary Builder

The project aims to provide a convenient dictionary for students, which they can use whenever they want. Kids can also share their own definitions.

15. Scholastic

The website offers different e-books on a wide variety of categories that your kids will surely enjoy. It includes categories like fantasy, adventure and sci-fi, and historical and nonfiction. The site also offers educational videos and games. A real treat for pre-k learners up to senior high school students.

General Knowledge

16. How Stuff Works

Is your children curious about everything like why the sky is blue and how a tornado forms? You can never go wrong in introducing the How Stuff Works website. The site will surely satisfy their curious minds and would encourage them to explore more. The articles are categorized according to topics like culture, science, technology, entertainment, and more. There are also games, videos, and quizzes to test the learning experience of your children.

17. Highlights for Kids

The website served as a magazine for kids that was founded in 1946. It features matching games, animated stories, art activities, and science experiments that your kids will definitely love. Highlights for Kids aim to help children become their best selves by creating and publishing activities that will encourage them to focus and learn while having fun.

18. Fun Brain

The website offers a wide variety of learning for toddlers until 8th grade schoolers. It features hundreds of online books, educational games, and video tutorials that will help your kids develop skills in reading, literacy, math, and problem-solving.

19. Kids Know It

The website provides learning for preschoolers up to fifth grade students. It features different activities like printable worksheets, online games, interactive stories, and the like. Kids will surely learn the basic knowledge they require based on their age.

20. BrainPOP/BrainPOP Jr.

The websites are created to help kindergarten to grade 12. It features a lot of educational games and videos on subjects like math, social studies, and science. Kids will absolutely enjoy watching the videos and learning stuff. 

21. The Kid Should See This

The website provides thousands of kid-friendly videos about science, art, technology, and a lot more. Kids will definitely gain a lot of knowledge from these videos and would be more curious about the world.

Learning is Fun

22. Starfall

Starfall is one of the educational websites that most parents opt to use for their kids learning. You can select whether your kids fall under Kindergarten and Pre-K or Grades 1-3. It offers activities that will help your young ones recognize letters and colors as well as read plays, nonfiction, and comics. Starfall has been online since August 7, 2002 with the aim of creating an environment where children learn while having fun.

23. The KIDZ Page

The site offers over 5,000 pages of learning games and activities. Your kids can enjoy the online coloring pages, word games, and jigsaw puzzles. The site also features games and activities for every holiday like Halloween and Christmas.

24. Learning Games for Kids

From the name itself, the website offers hundreds of games for different subjects like spelling, science, vocabulary, etc. These games will absolutely encourage your kids to study and learn. It also features educational videos that will teach your kids their fundamental knowledge including ABC, colors, and vowels. Let Learning Games for Kids be a part of your kids learning adventure.

25. Discovery Kids

The website offers educational games, puzzles, quizzes, and fact sheets that will definitely catch the interest of your kids. It also provides videos featuring your favorite cartoon characters including Peppa Pig, My Little Pony, and My Dog Pat.

Your kids will definitely learn from these educational videos.


The video offers information on the natural resources on Earth. It noted that sunlight, air, water, rocks, soil, plants, and animals are the important resources of Earth. Kids will surely learn the natural resources from this video.

This 80 minutes video is a collection of educational videos and nursery rhymes. Kids will surely enjoy singing along with the numerous nursery rhymes. They will absolutely have fun while learning their ABCs and counting.

This 21-minute video will teach your kids about addition and subtraction in a fun way. Annie and Jose will walk them through the basic things of Math in their new garden.

You can check out these relevant resources to find out more free educational resources for your kids.

Learning is better achieved if your kids are having fun. I hope you will find these free websites helpful and useful for your kids. Start exploring the free resources and start their learning journey and witness their improvements.

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