35 Amazing Outdoor Activities With Kids

Nowadays, kids have been very much occupied by technology. They tend to spend most of their time playing on their gadgets; thus, missing the fun outdoors and sacrificing quality time with other family members. Why not make it a habit to organize an outdoor activity every weekend to boost their energy? You can also invite their friends to make the activities more fun and exciting. We’ve listed outdoor activities that you can try. 

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1. Bug Hunt

Outdoor Activities With Kids - Bug Hunt

Before going out, give your kids a paper and a marker and ask them to draw the bugs they commonly see. They don’t need to catch the bugs. Let them mark their papers every time they saw a bug listed on the paper. Kids have learned science and mathematics at the same time.

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2. Investigate Your Yard With a Magnifying Glass

Outdoor Activities With Kids - Explore The Backyard

Let your kids explore the backyard and find out what they will discover. You can give them a paper and pen so they can record all the things they found. However, that would be a hassle in their wandering. Why not let them tell you what they saw over snack time or a mini-picnic at the backyard that you can prepare while they roam around? You will be amazed to see how excited your kids are.

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3. Nature Scavenger Hunt

You can never go wrong in organizing a scavenger hunt. Kids are more excited to gather all the things that you’ve listed and won over their siblings or friends. You can list down 10-15 items that they can find around the neighborhood or at the park or somewhere except for your house.

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4. Nature Collage

Outdoor Activities With Kids - Nature Collage

Give your kids one grocery bag each, this is where they will put their collections. You can choose to explore the park or forest near you. Tell them to gather anything they find interesting (twigs, leaves, rocks, etc.) except for animals. Once done, you can head home and let them choose 5-8 things from their treasure. You can draw a big acorn and give one each. This is where they will paste their collection. Let them explore and design their own collage. You can display it on the living room if you want.

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5. Photo Scavenger Hunt

Outdoor Activities With Kids - Photo Scavenger Hunt

Give your kids a camera or your phone. Ask them to take a photo of everything they see in the backyard. You may discover that your kids are photographers in the making. Print what they’ve captured and compile it in a scrapbook or photo album.

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6. Leaf Scrapbook

Outdoor Activities With Kids - Leaf Scrapbook

Ask your kids find 10 or more different leaves, dried ones as much as possible. Once done collecting, let them design their own scrapbook of leaves. Feel free to give them simple trivia about each leaves like the tree where they belong.

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Physical Actitivities

7. Field Hockey

You simply need a pool noodle, balloons, and a laundry basket. The pool noodle will serve as the stick that will move the balloons while the laundry basket will be the goal.

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8. Obstacle Course

Test your kids’ skills by putting up a DIY obstacle course using the available materials at your house. You can use boxes, hula hoops, jump ropes, chairs, etc. you don’t have to spend extra penny.

Watch this video to get an idea on how to set-up your own DIY obstacle course in your background.

9. Mini Golf Course

You can either turn your garage or backyard into a mini-golf course. What you will need are pool noodles, ropes, and cardboard boxes to set-up the course.

Read How to Build a Miniature Golf Course and learn how to build a mini-golf course in your background.

10. Driveway Toy Car Race

Outdoor Activities With Kids - Drive Way Toy Car Race

You can draw lines on the floor as the driveway, with the start and finish lines. Let your kids grab their favorite toy car and let the race begins.

To make the race more exciting, you can find an area around the neighborhood where you can set the race. Watch this video and be inspired to start racing with your kids.

11. Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest

Slice the watermelon and spice up the weekend with a friendly competition. Challenge the whole family to see who can hold the record of spitting the farthest watermelon seed.

12. Ball Park Time

You can check if there’s a ball game happening on weekends. This will be a good way to bond over the weekend. You can teach your little ones about the basic of the game.

13. Mini-Olympics

Outdoor Activities With Kids - Mini Olympics

You can invite some of the closest friends of your kids and be part of a friendly mini-Olympics. You can include the favorite games of your kids and those that you don’t have to spend extra.

14. Balloon Volleyball

Divide your yard into two using a jump rope (or any kind of rope that is available). Use a balloon instead of a normal volleyball ball. You can follow the standard rule for volleyball. The first team to score 21 will be the winner.

Check out this video to give you an idea about balloon volleyball.

Water Activities

15. Water War

Fill up the water guns and balloons and get ready to get wet. Brace yourself to a water war.

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16. Paper Boat Race

Teach your kids how to make paper boats. Fill the kiddie pool with water and race by blowing the boats using a straw.

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17. Squeeze the Sponge Relay

You will be needing two buckets for each of your kids, one filled with water and one empty. Give each of the kids one sponge. Place the bucket filled with water on the starting line while the empty bucket on the other end. The objective of the game is to transfer the water from one bucket to another bucket using the sponge. Whoever finished first is the winner.

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18. Water Balloon Dodge

Instead of using an ordinary ball, use balloons filled with water as a dodge ball. Follow the usual rule for playing dodge ball. Make sure to avoid the balloons if you wanna stay dry. Remember: don’t aim for the face.

Outdoor Activities With Kids - Water Balloon Dodge

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19. Water Balloon Piñata

Fill balloons with water then tie them up and string along a clothesline or between two trees. Let the kids strike the balloons using a stick.

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20. DIY Slip and Slide

You can have a homemade slip and slide using some painter’s plastic. Lay the plastic and grab a hose. Your kids can enjoy this instant slip and slide.

Learn how to create your own DIY slip and slide using painter’s plastic. Kids will surely love splashing and sliding on it.

Nature Trip

21. A Day at the Park

Outdoor Activities With Kids - A Day at the Park

Instead of visiting and staying in a single park, grab a map and look for the nearby parks. Visit different parks as many as you could then vote which one is your favorite. This will boost your kids’ awareness on the importance of preserving the gift of nature.

22. Nature Walk

Ask your kids to go for walk around the neighborhood, at the park, or a forest near you. To make it extra fun, you can play take a heads or a tails road trip. You will toss a coin every time you get to an intersection. If it’s a head, you will go right and if it’s a tail, you will go left.

23. Farmer’s Market Visit

Outdoor Activities With Kids - Farmer's Market Visit

Farmers markets offer fresh fruits, vegetables, and products that are directly from local growers, farmers, and producers. It will be a great opportunity for the kids to learn more about nutrition and encourage them to eat healthy. Some local markets, farms and orchards organize activities for their guests so your kids will be totally entertained. Allow them also to pick the items they want.

Discover more ways on how to make your farmers visit with the little ones more memorable and fun.

24. Go for a Hike

Outdoor Activities With Kids - Go for a Hike

Why not check the weather and see if the weekend promises a good one? Look for the nearest trail that you and your family can explore. Going for a hike once in a while is good for the body and the mind.

Hiking with the kids is a bit challenging because you need to ensure their safety and they are having fun. Read these relevant resources and find the best tips you can use when planning a hike.

25. Picnic at the Park

Outdoor Activities With Kids - Picnic at the Park

Prepare your picnic basket and mat and take the whole family to a state or national park. Kids will surely enjoy being with the nature for a day. Teach your kids how to be socially responsible so the next generation can still enjoy being with the nature. It is a perfect get away from everybody’s busy schedule and catch up.

Art Activities

26. Crayon Melt

Is the sun up and is burning hot? Prepare an aluminum foil, cookie cutter, and paper plate. Cover the paper plate with the aluminum foil, then ask your kids to gather all their old crayons. Peel the crayons and break it into small pieces. Look for a sunny area and place the paper plate with the cookie cutter then add the broken crayons. It will take an hour or more before the crayons are melted. Once melted, let it cool, and remove them from the cookie cutter. Your newly formed crayons are ready to use.

Watch the video and learn how to melt crayons using a blank canvass.

27. Paint Outside

When did you last painted the outside part of the house? Why not consider re-painting it with the whole family instead of hiring someone to do it? This will be a certified fun outdoor activity for everyone.

28. Rock Painting

Outdoor Activities With Kids - Rock Painting

Gather some rocks around the neighborhood or at your backyard with your kids. Lay all the rocks you’ve found and start a rock painting challenge. You will need watercolors and paintbrush. Let the kids paint the rocks the way they wanted it. This will surely boost their crafty side.

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29. Patio Coloring

Another way to encourage your kid’s crafty side is by asking them to color the patio using sidewalk chalk. Discover how they will creatively match the colors and turn your plain patio into a colorful one.

Check out Make Sidewalk Chalk Paint for Outdoor Fun and learn fun ways to color your patio.

30. Body Painting

Let your kids mix and match washable tempera paints. Ask them to paint their bodies and other members of the family. They can wash it off with a sprinkler afterwards or you can plan for a water activity for them.

Backyard Activities

31. Plant a Garden

Outdoor Activities With Kids - Plant a Garden

Gardening is one of the best ways to teach your kids how to grow their own food. This will also develop their sense of responsibility since they need to ensure that they will harvest something in the end.

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32. Read a Book Under the Tree

Outdoor Activities With Kids - Read Under the Tree

Gather all their favorite books and set-up a mat under the tree. Encourage them to read the books and ask them to tell you what the book is all about over dinner.

33. Have a Dinner Outside

Make it a habit to eat outside from time to time, especially if the weather permits. You can ask your kids to help you grill the barbecue and/or hotdog. Everyone will definitely love the ambiance of dining outside.

34. Stargazing

Outdoor Activities With Kids - Stargazing

After dinner, spread out a blanket and look for constellations and recognizable group of stars. Each one will have turns in challenging everybody to find a heart-shaped group of stars and the likes.

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35. Camp Out

Outdoor Activities With Kids - Camp Out

Continue the backyard fun by camping out. The whole family will surely love spending the night outside the house. You can also set-up a bonfire so everyone can roast hotdogs and marshmallows.

Check out these tips to ensure that your kids will enjoy.

Nothing beats a day well-spent with the family. Make it a point to encourage your kids to drop their gadgets and have fun outside. Young children best learn through experiences so allow them to explore and discover things.

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