41 Fun Activities That Will Keep Kids Busy and Entertained

Keeping your kids entertained and busy while at home is one of the challenges you need to overcome. It is important to create activities for your kids and for the whole family as well. Vacations or stay-at-home opportunities mean quality and bonding time with the family. It must be well-spent. We’ve gathered 41 fun activities with kids. These activities will surely keep you and your kids occupied and entertained.

Indoor Activities

Free Printable Dinosaur Bingo (For a Roaring Good Time) by Natasha Nunez

Dinosaur Bingo - Fun Activities with Kids
Free Printable Dinosaur Bingo (For a Roaring Good Time) by Natasha Nunez

This free printable dino bingo is fun for the whole family! No reading is required so even young children can play along.

Mickey Mouse Marble Painting Craft for Kids by Jennifer McCoy Blaske of Three Kids, Three Cats, and a Husband

Mickey Mouse Marble Painting - Fun Activities with Kids

Marble painting is a fun and easy craft for kids over the age of 3 — and best of all, it’s impossible to do it “wrong”! Use this Mickey Mouse template to create some colorful Disney wall art.

How to Make Name Art with Pointillism by Nicole Cops Black of Coffee and Carpool

Name Art with Pointillism - Fun Activities with Kids

Name art with Pointillism using Qtips is a fun painting project to make room decor for kids’ bedrooms.

How to Teach Kids to Sew with ABC Letter Sewing Craft by Nicole Cops Black of Coffee and Carpool

ABC Letter Sewing - Fun Activities with Kids

Beginning sewing projects with a meat tray and yarn make learning this life skill fun and perfect for little fingers.

Fun Memory Games for Kids Free Printables by Kam Kailey of Maple Planners

Fun Memory Games - Fun Activities with Kids

Memory games are one of those addictive games that kids love to play over and over. These also help with improved focus, concentration and quicker thinking skills.

How To Make All Natural Homemade Gluten-Free PlayDoh by Rebecca Pytell of Strength and Sunshine

Natural Homemade Gluten-Free PlayDoh - Fun Activities With Kids

Safe PlayDoh for celiacs and kids of all ages! An easy tutorial on How To Make All Natural Homemade Gluten-Free PlayDoh. A fun and easy craft to DIY with the kids and have them playing for hours! Non-toxic, no artificial colors or chemical ingredients required!

How to Make Homemade Playdough by Jess Forsberg of Easy Budget Recipes

Homemade Playdough - Fun Activities with Kids

This How to Make Homemade Playdough tutorial is so easy that the kids can make it all on their own! This recipe makes 2 pounds of playdough and costs just $2.47 to make!

Fun Nature Crafts for Kids by Jane and Sonja of Sustain My Craft Habit 

Nature Crafts for Kids - Fun Activities with Kids

These nature crafts for kids are the good type of distraction for keeping kids busy.

Flower Potions Stem Activity by Devon Marie of U Ready, Teddy?

Flower Potion - Fun Activities with Kids

These flower potions are sure to be a hit with kids of all ages. It’s a great STEM activity for practicing scientific inquiry, fine motor skills and engaging in sensory play.

Make your own edible paint with only two ingredients by Linda Hurst of All About Baby Blog 

Edible Paint - Fun Activities with Kids

Keeping your toddler busy can be really hard. Especially if you’re trying to work from home. We found out that you can make some edible paint for the bathtub with just two really simple ingredients. Pretty much exactly what we need. And such an easy DIY project.

Salt Dough – easy activity for kids by Linda Hurst of All About Baby Blog

Salt Dough - Fun Activities with Kids

DIY Salt dough is an amazing thing. You can literally create anything you can imagine. It is a great way to entertain your kid and actively let them participate. Easy to make and with ingredients you probably always have in your kitchen anyway.

Keep your toddler busy with diy moon sand by Linda Hurst of All About Baby Blog

DIY Moon Sand - Fun Activities with Kids

DIY moon sand is a great way to keep your toddler busy. It is so much fun to play with and easy to make. You only need two ingredients that you most likely already have at home and it is safe to eat in case your toddler likes to put everything in the mouth.

Kids At Home? Try These Activities to Keep Them Entertained! by Melissa Rossl of Trendy Mami

Activities to Keep Kids Entertained - Fun Activities with Kids

The activities will ensure you and your kids are not parking your eyes in front of screens all day. Here are a few things me and my children like to do when we stay indoor for an extensive period of time!

DIY Coraline Button Slime Recipe by Brandie Valenzuela of Home Cooking Memories

Button Slime - Fun Activities with Kids

Gather a few supplies and you’ll be able to make your own slime recipe, inspired by LAIKA Studios movie, Coraline! This DIY Coraline Button Slime will provide hours of squishy fun!

Free Printable Butterfly Suncatcher by Lindsay Gilbert of artsy and fartsy Mama

Butterfly Suncatcher - Fun Activities with Kids

Kids of all ages will love making Butterfly Suncatchers to brighten up your home!! It’s a simple craft that kids of all ages can do, and like the butterfly, it’s a great reminder that we will get through this tough time together. Plus, everyone who passes by your home will love seeing the pops of color on display!

Pretend Birthday Party Invitation To Play by Stacy Craft of Protecting Your Pennies

Pretend Birthday Party Invitation - Fun Activities with Kids

Do your kids talk about their upcoming birthday for 364 days of the year? If so, they will love this pretend birthday party invitation to play where they can celebrate any day of the year. 

DIY Galaxy Jar by Sara Schlegel Zenner of Bitz and Giggles 

DIY Galaxy Jar - Fun Activities with Kids

 A gorgeous craft for kids, teens or even adults who love color and glitter! Simply layer cotton balls, acrylic paint, water and glitter shapes to create your own galaxy in a jar!

Water Bead Stress Ball by Sara Schlegel Zenner of Bitz and Giggles

Water Bead Stress Ball - Fun Activities with Kids

 A transparent balloon filled with colorful water beads makes for a soothing and fun kids toy or stress reliever! If you’re looking for another fun and easy project to do with the kids, you’re going to love this Water Bead Stress Ball. 

DIY Stick Horse from a Sock Tutorial by Angie Holden of The Country Chic Cottage

DIY Stick Horse from a Sock - Fun Activities with Kids

This is the perfect tutorial for a gift for that special kid in your life. I think girls and boys alike would love these stick horses. I actually made a whole herd of them for a cowboy birthday party.

Educational Activities

How To Make A Rock Candy Science Experiment by Charlene Hess of Hess Un-Academy

Rock Candy Science Experiment - Fun Activities with Kids

Are your kids looking for a fun indoor activity that couples the wonders of science with the joys of eating? A DIY rock candy science experiment might be for you! This is a fun science experiment our homeschooling family recently got to enjoy.

Homemade Spectroscope | Bring Light Refraction to Life! by Charlene Hess of Hess Un-Academy

Homemade Spectroscope - Fun Activities with Kids

We decided to try our hands at a DIY spectroscope and have our own study of rainbow reflections and different light sources.  This turned out to be a fun way to enjoy simple science experiments at home.

Free Printable Donut Tic Tac Toe by Lindsay Gilbert of artsy and fartsy Mama

Donut Tic Tac Toe - Fun Activities with Kids

Everything is better with sprinkles!! What better way to celebrate your love of donuts than challenging your friends and family to a game of Donut Tic Tac Toe? Perfect for parties or a family game night at home, you’ll keep your hands frosting-free while you use this free Donut Tic Tac Toe printable game set for hours of fun!

Free Printable Paper Hexagon Kaleidocycle by Lindsay Gilbert of artsy and fartsy Mama

Paper Hexagon Kaleidocycle - Fun Activities with Kids

Before there were fidget spinners, there were kaleidocycles. Also called flextangles, kaleidocycles are a fun, hexagonal origami project for kids of all ages to color, assemble, and turn. And turn. And turn! No two kaleidocycles are alike, and you’re sure to be mesmerized by the colorful patterns for hours.

Gingerbread Man Activity Sheets by Angela of The Inspiration Edit 

Gingerbread Man Activity Sheet - Fun Activities with Kids

You don’t want to just pass out meaningless worksheets to kids. When you do that, they don’t see the point. Instead, you can make them meaningful by adding worksheets to your day. 

How to Make an Origami Heart by Kathy Gray Wagner of One Crazy Mom 

Origami Heart - Fun Activities with Kids

Grab some paper and get started today making this cute origami heart. We love origami and it makes for such an easy activity. It is perfect for rainy days or when it is too hot outside to play. 

Painting with Bubbles by Sara Schlegel Zenner of Bitz and Giggles

Painting with Bubbles - Fun Activities with Kids

There’s just something magical about bubbles when you’re a child. Heck, there’s something magical about bubbles even when you’re an adult. In the warm spring and summer months, we love to spend our time outside, drawing with sidewalk chalk and playing with bubbles. It’s a whole lotta’ fun, and it keeps the kiddos, and the dog, AND me, entertained for hours!

10+ Best FREE Printable Boredom Busting Summer Activities For Kids by Jenny Mayas of this Tiny Blue House

Boredom Busting Summer Activities - Fun Activities with Kids

Here is a fun collection of  boredom busting summer activities for kids. If you are searching for a free collection of fun printable summer worksheets for kids you’ve come to the right place.  

Ancient Egypt and the Science of Making Mummies by Waco Mom

Making Mummies - Fun Activities with Kids

In our homeschool we often combined history and science.  Here is a lesson, and experiment, we did about the Science of making mummies.   Even if you’re not homeschooling this would make a fun summertime activity for kids.

Awesome Frozen Paint Art Activity by Cindy Hemming of The Play Based Mom

Frozen Paint Art - Fun Activities with Kids

Are you ready to take art outside and finally get a clean house back? This ice painting activity is perfect for the deck or driveway this summer!

Teaching a Child to Sew Made Easy With 10 Smart Tips by Helen Spencer of Hello Sewing

How to Sew - Fun Activities with Kids

Nothing feels more satisfying than getting your family to know and to love your hobby along with you. This is why I have been actively engaging my children with sewing related projects and games since they were very young. Sharing my passion with them and seeing how they enjoy completing their own small projects is amazingly fulfilling.

Outdoor Activities

Beach Scavenger Hunt by Stephanie Eddy of Dresses and Dinosaurs

Beach Scavenger Hunt - Fun Activities with Kids

An activity that is easy to do at the beach that will keep the kids busy for a while. There are so many things at the beach – making a scavenger hunt around them is perfect! 

Kids Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt by Stephanie Eddie of Dresses and Dinosaurs

Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt - Fun Activities with Kids

A scavenger hunt is when you make a list of items for kids, or anyone, to find.  They are generally made around a theme, but they don’t have to be! Putting together a kids nature scavenger hunt is super easy! Because there are so many items outside, there is no limit to what you can put on there.  

Fun Neighborhood Outdoor Scavenger Hunt With Sidewalk Chalk by Tiffany Thomas of Saving Talents

Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt - Fun Activities with Kids

Looking for a boredom buster for the summer or another time when you’re stuck at home?  This fun neighborhood outdoor scavenger hunt with sidewalk chalk is the perfect way to get the entire neighborhood involved yet do it on your own time at each family’s convenience.

Free Printable Camping Scavenger Hunt for Kids by Natasha Nunez of Together Time Family

Camping Scavenger Hunt - Fun Activities with Kids

This free printable camping scavenger hunt for kids comes with two levels of difficulty. Print the easier, picture-based version for your young children or send older kids on a walk with the more difficult version! 

Nature Walk Game + Printable by Holly Bertone of Pink Fortitude

Nature Walk Game - Fun Activities with Kids

Wanna make your nature walks a little more fun and interesting? This Nature Walk Game and printable is fun for kids, adults, grandparents – the whole family!

Giants, Wizards, Elves Outdoor Game Instructions by Benjamin and Charlene Hess of Hess Un-Academy

Giants, Wizards, and Elves - Fun Activities with Kids

Giants, Wizards, Elves is a super fun group game that is outdoor-friendly.  It’s kind of a glorified version of Rock, Paper, Scissors and makes a great icebreaker game that encourages team building. Just make sure you have enough room because this party game will make you wishing you had taken your party outside.

Ways to keep kids fit while staying at home by Erika of Balance, Restore, Energize, Align Getting Fit

Keeping Fit - Fun Activities with Kids

Kids have to stay active. Usually, it’s not too difficult; it definitely seems like most kids have an endless supply of energy. As more and more kids are spending time on screens, though, it’s harder to get them to stay active. Add it being stuck at home and it’s even more difficult! These ways to keep kids fit while staying at home can help make exercise fun and easy.

Cooking Activities

Kids Can Cook: Hot Fudge Sundae Cake by Rachel Barringer Wilson of The Sum of All Sweets

Hot Fudge Sundae Cake - Fun Activities with Kids

Kids in the kitchen has so many benefits, especially the tasty results! This one-dish cake can be made with minimal supervision, and includes printable activities for the kids to enjoy while it’s baking!

Kids Can Cook: Cheesy Garlic Drop Biscuits by Rachel Barringer Wilson of The Sum of All Sweets

Cheesy Garlic Drop Biscuits - Fun Activities with Kids

Get the kids involved with making dinner by letting them make these biscuits! Also includes printable activity sheets for kid’s fun!

Chocolate Cornflake Cakes by Fiorenza Sam of My Pinch of Italy

Chocolate Cornflake Cakes - Fun Activities with Kids

Always appreciated and easy to make not only for children but also for lazy adults who want a not too demanding chocolatey snack to prepare. No cooking, just a nap in the fridge.

How to Make Homemade Ice Cream in a Can by Brandie Valenzuela of Home Cooking Memories

Homemade Ice Cream - Fun Activities with Kids

Want something to keep the kids busy? Well, for at least 30 minutes or so? Here’s how they can make homemade ice cream in a can!

Keep your kids entertained with these fun activities. Enjoy more bonding and quality time with your families.

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