6 Amazing Birthday Party Themes for 10 Year Olds

6 Amazing Birthday Party Themes for 10 Year Olds

Birthday is one of the most celebrated occasions in the world. It’s a celebration of life, an additional number of years of existence. Something that should be thankful for and worth celebrating. 

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6 Amazing Birthday Party Themes for 10 Year Olds - 10th Birthday

As your children are turning 10, it signals their official membership as tweenager. Single number and baby no more. Hitting this stage, planning their birthdays becomes easier because they already have their inputs. They have a fair share of deciding the theme, the guest list, the activities, the menu, and other party needs. You will be more in-charged with the execution and, of course, the budget. We’ve listed some birthday party ideas and tips to make your tweenager bash unique but is within the budget.

Party for Boys

Planning a party for boys at this age is somewhat challenging. Boys always want to have fun and be a little wild. Boys being boys, their energies when combined together are hard to contain. 

Backyard Camping 

At this age, they are already allowed to go overnight. A perfect idea for a small group party. Your son can invite his closest friends to come over. Prepare the grill and barbecue, pitch some tents, and build a campfire. You can ask your guests to bring their own tent if they have one, their own pillow, sleeping bag, and flashlights.

6 Amazing Birthday Party Themes for 10 Year Olds - Backyard Camping

Let the boys enjoy stargazing while telling their own ghost stories. This is also the best time to strengthen their bond, to know each other better, and build a friendship that will last for a lifetime.

Find out more tips on how to throw a backyard camping party. 

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Nerf War 

6 Amazing Birthday Party Themes for 10 Year Olds - Nerf War

Boys always love a good nerf gun war. This will definitely excite the birthday celebrant and his friends. You can turn your backyard into a Nerf base instead of renting a laser gun facility. Set up bases where kids can duck or hide while attacking their opponents. You can also set up DIY obstacle courses and targets. Nerf war will not be complete without nerf guns, you can buy for all your guests that can serve as party favor as well or ask them to bring their own. We’ve listed some of the ideal nerf guns for son’s party. 

  • NERF Rival Roundhouse XX-1500 Red Blaster – The blaster has 5 integrated magazines that each hold 3 rounds, giving you a total of 15 rounds to unleash on the opposing team. Fire rounds at a velocity of up to 90 feet per second with Nerf Rival accuracy.
  • Megalodon Nerf N-Strike Mega Toy Blaster – The rotating drum holds 20 Nerf Mega darts to give you plenty of firepower for all your Nerf battles. Experience the mega-blasting power of the Megalodon toy blaster that shoots darts up to 85 feet.
  • Revoltinator Nerf Zombie Strike Toy Blaster – Rev up the motor and pull the trigger to shoot 18 darts in a row With rapid-fire motorized blasting. The revolving blaster electrifies the zombie-fighting fun with power shock lights and sounds. 

Watch this video and gain more ideas on how kids can have a blast during their Nerf training and battle. 

More party ideas 10-year-old boys.

Party for Girls 

Girls parties’ are more on pampering, relaxation, and not-so-physical ones. They often love to mingle with their girl friends over a cup of tea or while having their nails done. Girls are on the soft side.

Makeover Sleepover

Girls love pampering themselves and enjoy a good makeover. Why not organize a makeover sleepover party for your young lady? Invite her friends for a night of beautification and relaxation. Start the party with nail painting. Allow them to do each other’s hair and makeup. After getting their hair and makeup done, let them dress-up and organize a photoshoot. You can end the party with face masks before their beauty sleep.

6 Amazing Birthday Party Themes for 10 Year Olds - Makeover Sleepover

Learn more makeover party ideas with these relevant resources.

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Cupcake Wars

Challenge the girls who can make the best and tastiest treat by organizing a cupcake war party. You can divide our guests into groups, depending on the available baking utensils. If you have enough budget, you can rent an industrial kitchen to accommodate more challengers. Provide them with the ingredients and the recipe and let them do the rest. You can judge the cupcakes based on taste, creativity, and decoration. Award different prizes to all bakers for their efforts. Girls will definitely enjoy and might discover their love for baking at this early stage.      

6 Amazing Birthday Party Themes for 10 Year Olds - Cupcake Wars

Here are some prizes you can give to your young challengers. 

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  • Tytroy Assorted Scented Novelty Lip Gloss Lip Balm Cupcake: Cupcake-shaped lip gloss with assorted flavors and exterior styles. All styles have pink bases. Measures approximately 1.25” high x 1″ wide. 
  • Kicko Make a Cupcake Sticker: Kids can use these glamorous stickers to add to their personal touch to cards, calendars, and art projects. They can also stick them on pencil cases, notebooks, and cellphones. The stickers are water and tear resistant and backed with a non-toxic adhesive.
  • Tinymills 24 Pcs Cupcakes Stampers for Kids: The cupcakes stampers are BPA free, non-toxic and passed CPSIA and ASTM testing. Each plastic stamp comes pre-inked. No need for an extra ink pad. Great for arts and crafts at home, making invitations, thank you cards, scrapbooking, and decorating stationery. 

These resources will walk you through on how to organize a successful cupcake war party.

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More party ideas for 10-year-old girls.  

  • 25 Birthday Party Ideas for Girls: The post provides 25 party themes for girls for all ages and budgets. It includes pink party, Barbie birthday party, and mermaid birthday party.

Gender Neutral Party Ideas

Party ideas that both work for girls and boys. 

Pool Party

Turn your backyard into an amazing water park where your guests can have a splash. Make sure the decoration will set the mood and prepare your guests for an awesome pool party. You can also rent or buy inflatable water slide or create your own. 

6 Amazing Birthday Party Themes for 10 Year Olds - Pool Party

Here are some pool party supplies that will definitely excite your guests.

  • LJCL Swimming Pool Party Supplies Set: Package includes 1 summer swimming pool happy birthday banner, 1pc Beach ball Garland Banner, 10 light blue balloons and 10pcs yellow balloons. It also includes 16pcs dessert 7” plates, 9” dinner plates, cups, 40pcs napkins, 25pcs straws,16pcs forks, knives, and spoons. 
  • Mega Pool Party and Beach Party Favors: The package includes neon party sunglasses, inflatable beach balls, water gun squirts, and bubbles.  
  • JOYIN 60″ Inflatable Palm Tree Cooler, Beach Theme Party Decor: Great cooler to chill your beverages for summer parties. Palm tree is 5 feet tall and 2.5 feet wide, a great size to make your pool beautiful. The cooler is made of high quality PVC, one repair patch is also included. 

Dance Party 

Does the birthday celebrant love to dance? Set up the dance floor, prepare your kids’ favorite dance playlist, and start rocking. Serve food and drinks that match with the theme like microphone cake pops, pop star soda bar, and hard rock candy. You can also hire a professional DJ to make the party more exciting. 

6 Amazing Birthday Party Themes for 10 Year Olds - Dance Party

Find more ideas on how to organize the best dance party for your 10 years old. 

More tips and ideas on how to throw a fantastic birthday party for your tweens. 

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Tenth birthday signifies an important milestone for every child and you want to assure that it will be perfect and memorable. Give them the opportunity to decide what they want for their party, who they want to invite, and the food they prefer. Whether you will throw it at home or another venue, make sure that is within your budget. Welcome their tweenage life with a blast. 

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