8 Birthday Party Ideas for Five Years Old Kids

8 Birthday Party Ideas for Five Years Old Kids

As our kids are getting older and older, organizing a party became more and more challenging and stressful. We always aim to satisfy our kids and make them happy in the best way we can. When it comes to celebrating their birthday party, we want nothing but the best for them but there will be times when we cannot afford extravagant parties. Your child will not look into how you spend on his/her party, but on the memories and fun he/she had. Better focus on the things that will surely make your five-year-old and his/her guests happy. We’ve listed some tips and ideas on hosting a birthday party for soon-to-be five years old. 

1. Luau Birthday Party

Aloha, little party goers! Get ready for a fun-filled and colorful Hawaiian Luau birthday blast! What is a Luau party? According to Wikipedia, it is a traditional Hawaiian party or feast that is usually accompanied by entertainment. Make sure that your invitations, decorations, and party food reflects a Hawaiian getaway. Check out these amazing Luau party supplies that will definitely excite your guests.

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Learn more about organizing a perfect and fantastic Luau birthday party with these relevant resources. 

  • Coolest Hawaiian Luau Party Ideas – The post provides tips on how to organize the coolest Luau birthday party. It includes suggestions on how to make your invitation gets a 100% RSVP as well as decoration ideas that will transport you guests from your backyard to Hawaii. It also features a DIY Hawaiian Luau costume.
  • 16 Joyous Luau (Hawaiian) Party Ideas for Kids – The post provides 16 traditional luau party ideas that will surely make your party memorable and enjoyable. It includes step-by-step on how to make DIY invitations, decorations, and costumes.

2. Angry Bird Party

Happy Birdsday! Kids will definitely won’t get angry with the Angry Birds party theme. If you want to throw an Angry Bird birthday party, better start collecting those cute little birds and don’t forget to invite their counterparts, the pigs. You can use stickers and red and yellow feathers in creating your invitations. You can welcome your guests with cardboard boxes that are designed and painted with the cast of the series.

Check out these relevant resources and find out more information on making your Angry Birds party perfect. 

  • 19 Angry Birds Party Ideas – The post provides 16 fun-filled Angry Birds birthday party ideas. It includes an idea on how to create a giant homemade slingshot and an Angry Birds pinata.   
  • Angry Birds Party Games and Ideas – The post provides 10 Angry Birds party games and ideas, including green pig pop, golden egg hunt, and capture the eggs. 

Watch this video and learn how to make two amazing Angry Birds cake ideas and designs. A great birthday theme cake decorations that can be easily made at home.  

3. Monkey Birthday Party

Planning for a monkey-themed party for your child’s fifth birthday? Check out these resources and find the best ways to plan for your monkey-themed party. 

  • Mod Monkey Party – The post provides tips on how to successfully organize mod monkey birthday party. It includes tips on how to create party invitations, decorations, and recipes.
  • 10 Fun Monkey Themed Birthday Party Games – The post lists 10 simple games that will definitely keep your little monkeys entertained. It includes Who’s the Monkey, Musical Vines, and Banana Peeling Race. 

You can also share the adventures of Partituki and his friends in keeping the city peaceful. You can include a storytelling activity or you can give away these picture books to your guests. 

  • The Amazing Partituki & Friends. The First Adventure – A great adventure book that teaches a good lesson of being nice, making friends, and working as a team. Partituki and his friends (Lillycorn, Maxpanda, Funnydino and Sussiephant) will have to combine their super powers and work together to beat the Hungrydragon.
  • Will the Princess Get Married? – A great fictional book that will give your kids an idea about royalty and true friendship. The story tells about Princess Claire and Prince James, who were about to get married. Something happened on the wedding day that could hinder Prince James from attending the special day. Let us all find out if the Partituki Club can save their happily ever after. 

4. Alice in Wonderland Party

You can never go wrong in organizing an Alice in Wonderland-themed party for your soon-to-be five-year old child. Your little guests will definitely love to wander around the Wonderland and meet the Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat, and the Queen of Hearts. We’ve listed some ideal decorations you can use to take your guests to Wonderland.

Check out these relevant resources and find the perfect games and party ideas that you can include in your program. 

5. Art Birthday Party

An art-themed birthday party will surely boost your kids’ imagination and creativity. You will also discover the aspects that you can help him improve by enrolling him to art classes. Make sure to set-up your backyard or living room into a mini-classroom or art studio. Include all the art materials they will need or you can ask the parents to bring their kids’ art materials to save some dollars. Here are some of the ideal materials you might need to hone your future artists.

You can also try using these printable placemats from Partituki, which your kids can color first before using.

Happy Birthday Placemat
Happy Birthday Placemat
Good to Have You Here Placemat

Each of these printable placemats are available in 2 sizes and 2 formats for a price of one. All elements are created for quality prints with 300 dpi resolution. Grab yours now at Partituki.com.

Your kids will also love coloring these free pages from Partituki as well as survive the maze and spot the difference puzzles. 

free coloring pages 2
Free Coloring Pages
free game pages
Free Game Pages

Get these freebies at Partituk.com.

6. Movie Party

You don’t have to bring the whole gang at the cinema. You can simply organize a movie party in the comfort of your home. Set your living room into a movie theater and get those popcorn popping. Choose the best movies that your kids will find interesting. After watching the movie, you can have a question and answer about the movie to see how they are keen to details. You can give prizes to those who answered correctly. You can prepare some simple snacks before ending the party. Here are some additional movie party ideas and games that will make your planning easier.

  • Movie-Night Birthday Party Ideas and Games – The post provides tips on how to host a movie-night birthday party. It includes all of her daughter’s party details and photos.
  • Movie Party Ideas – The post provides tips on how to host a movie-themed party. It includes ideas for party decorations, food, and favors. It also features movie party games and activities. 

7. Talent Show

Kids will be more than excited to show-off their talents at your Talent Show-themed party. Before sending an invitation, you can first distribute a talent show application form to your guest list. RSVP is required for those who are interested. For the invitation, you can use a ticket format to let them know that they are to be audiences for a talent show. This is a perfect avenue to discover if your kids’ talents. We’ve included some product suggestions to lessen your stress in finding the perfect decorations and party supplies. 

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8. Construction Party

Calling all construction lovers, we’ve got some work for you. Be at the site on time and start constructing the building. Prepare your little workers’ hard hats, safety vests, and safety goggles. Here are some of the best construction decorations that will make your backyard into a construction site. 

Relevant resources you can check out.

Our kids’ birthday party does not have to be expensive nor grandiose. It is important to ask what they want for their party. Aim to make our kids happy but something that won’t hurt our pockets. Happy 5th birthday to your young ones!

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