8 Ideal Birthday Party Themes for Four Years Old Kids

We can never be more than excited to celebrate our kids’ fourth birthday. Organizing a party is exhausting because there are lots to do and things to consider. It should be more fun and memorable compared to the other three previous parties since our toddlers are starting to remember every party they have attended as well as theirs. We have listed 8 ideal birthday parties for your four years old. We’ve provided product recommendations and relevant resources to make your birthday party perfect and memorable to your young ones.

1. Under the Sea

Under the sea birthday party is one of the most popular and amazing birthday party themes. Kids will surely love to party with the different ocean and sea creatures. It is important to set the underwater mood with sea creature decorations. To make it more realistic, it would be ideal to stick to white and blue color. You can decorate the table with seashells or an underwater tablecloth. Prepare sumptuous under the sea-themed snacks, like sea turtle cupcakes and octopus cake pops. Watch this video and find out some fun and cute under the sea food party that are easy to prepare.

Wow your guest with these beautiful decorations that will make them feel that they are really under the sea.

Check out these relevant resources to make under the sea party more fun and exciting.

2. Fairy Party

Does your little one loves sprinkling pixie dusts, wearing wings, and imagining that she is a fairy princess or he is Peter Pan? If this sounds like your birthday celebrant, consider throwing a party in Neverland and let the fairies help lost boys find their way home. A magical fairy-themed party will be an absolute hit to your young ones. Here are some tips on how to create a Neverland on your backyard.

  • For the decorations, you can use combinations of light colors like pink, pale green, white, and lavender.
  • Welcome your guests with a TinkerBell standee and a banner highlighted with icicle lights.
  • Scatter artificial flowers and mushrooms all over the venue as well as balloons.
  • Serve your little fairies and lost boys with jam sandwiches, lemonades, and mixed berries.
  • You can also prepare a bowl of sweets, pretzel wands, and cupcakes.

Here are some ideal decorations that you can use for your party and make it more memorable.

You can also check out these relevant resources that will help you organize your fairy party with ease.

  • Fairy Party Ideas – The post provides great ideas for fairy-themed decorations, food, games, and activities. It lists down tips on how to create exciting fairy party invitations. It also suggests perfect fairy favors that you can give to your guests.
  • 15 Most Magical Fairy Party Ideas – The post provides 15 fairy party ideas. It features a no sew fairy tutus and an idea on how to organize fairy party sleepover. It also offers information on different fairy party crafts.  

3. Trains, Planes, and Automobiles Party

Transportation is an integral part of our lives and it would be best to further introduce the different types of transportation to your toddlers. Organizing a trains, planes, and automobiles party will make your kids aware of the different transportation and their usage. You can let your guests bring their favorite toy cars and share what they know about that kind of transportation (make sure to prepare a short trivia for each). You can use the book “The Amazing Kid Book of Things That Go,” by Partituki. This is a great reference book that will help young readers learn about transports and things that go.  It is also a perfect souvenir for your guests that will make them remember your amazing party. 

The Amazing Kid Book of Things That Go
  • Amazon Kindle Edition
  • Partituki (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 19 Pages - 10/24/2019 (Publication Date)

You can also excite your guests to grab their snacks with these train and truck snack boxes. Learn to create one through this video. 

Check out these amazing relevant resources and make your party a total hit.

4. Rock and Roll Party

man playing guitar 811838

Does the celebrant loves music? You can host a rock and roll party and let the kids dress-up like real rock stars or they can be the mini-me version of their favorite rock stars. Welcome your guests with a celebrity walk on the red carpet and a photoshoot before entering the venue. Ensure that the venue is well-decorated that will make the young rock stars feel like partying. You can entertain your guests by setting-up a station of accessories that include wigs, body glitter, and temporary tattoos. Set-up a mini-stage and organize a “Rock ‘n Roll” singing competition. You can include it on your invitation that whosoever wants to participate in the singing competition must notify you. To make the food menu simple, you can go retro and serve burger, French fries, and ice cream. You can also bake or order microphone-like cupcakes. 

Go over these relevant resources and get more ideas on how to make your rock and roll party a real success. 

  • Diva/Rock Star Birthday Party Games – The post lists 15 fun DIY games and party activities. It includes lyric balloon bop, catch the paparazzi, and karaoke fun. 
  • Rock ‘n Roll Birthday Party – The post features images of a rock and roll party decorations and ideas by Maryelly Movais Prado. It includes a blazing rock ‘n roll birthday cake, chocolate rockstar lollipops, and fondant lips + skull dessert toppers. 

5. Everybody Loves a Parade Party

Young ones love music, dancing, and parading around. Combining all of these on your kids’ fourth birthday will definitely make your party the talk of the town. You can ask your guests to bring their favorite musical instrument and get ready for an exciting parade. Be inspired with Coco Melon’s “Musical Instruments Song (Animal Band).” Check out the video. 

Let the kids fall in line and get the marching band going. Playing of the instrument does not have to be perfect, what’s important is that the kids are having fun.

6. Teddy Bear Picnic

Pack your things, grab your favorite teddy bear, and get ready for a fun-filled teddy bear picnic with your friends. If the weather permits as well as the availability of your guests, you can host the picnic at your local park. You can save extra dollar from decorations and activities when hosting a picnic at the park. But if it is not possible, you can always create your own local park at your backyard. You don’t have to rent for chairs and tables. Set-up those picnic mats and put the picnic basket at the center. If you can set-up a mini-playground (like inflatable houses, swing, and seesaw) that would be awesome. You can include activities like scavenger hunt, beehive pinata, and feed the bear alphabet activity. Little guests can also share who gave them the teddy bear, its name, and why it is his/her favorite. 

More picnic teddy bear ideas from these relevant resources. 

7. Crayon Party

Toddlers start to learn their ABCs, first words, and colors. They start to develop their curiosity and their eagerness to learn as well as color anything and everything. With this, it would be ideal to host a crayon party for your little one and his/her guests. Let them color all they want, but you can also insert some learning into the activity. You can download printable coloring pages or purchase coloring books. Why not let them color their placemats? You can try Partituki’s printable placements.

Happy Birthday Placemat
Happy Birthday Placemat
Welcome Placemat
Welcome Placemat

Each of these printable placemats are available in 2 sizes and 2 formats for a price of one. All elements are created for quality prints with 300 dpi resolution. Grab yours now at Partituki.com.

Your kids will also love coloring these free pages from Partituki as well as survive the maze and spot the difference puzzles. 

free coloring pages 2
Free Coloring Pages
free game pages
Free Game Pages

Get these freebies at Partituki.com.

Find out more coloring activities and ideas for your Crayon party.

  • Coloring Games for Kids – The post features 9 coloring games that your kids will surely enjoy and learn. It includes resources and video tutorials on some of the games. It also provides product suggestions that are ideal for coloring games. 
  • 19 Creative Crayola Crayon Party Ideas – The post lists 19 ideas that you can include on your crayon-themed party. It includes DIY party favors and decorations. 

8. Detective Party

Get those magnifying glasses, wear those hats and coats, and start the investigation. Gather all the little detectives and challenge them to solve “Who Stole the Cake” case. You can divide your guests into two or more teams (depending on how many guests you have). Give each team clues that will point to the suspect. At the end of the case, winners will find the birthday cake and the blowing of the candle activity follows. You can also include more ice breaker activities like diffuse a bomb, mysterious footprints, and mystery sound. Check out these costumes that will definitely keep your detectives get to work.

Here are some additional resources that you can read through and discover more ideas on how to host a detective birthday party. 

  • Coolest Spy Detective Birthday Party Themes and Ideas – The post provides the coolest ideas for a Spy Detective birthday party. It includes tips on how to make unique invitations that will give guests clues on the theme of the party. It also features ideas on decorations, costumes, and activities.
  • How to Throw a Spy or Mystery Party for Kids – The post provides fun ways to carry out a spy or mystery birthday party and make it an unforgettable one. It includes tips on invitations, decorations, and games/activities.

When deciding on the theme of your kids birthday party, always for their opinion. It is important to know their interests before picking a theme. Birthday partied does not have to be grand, what really matters is the fun and memories gained by our little celebrants.

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