Boys' 2nd Birthday Party Helpful Tips & Ideas

Boys’ 2nd Birthday Party Helpful Tips and Ideas

A birthday bash for your two-year-old doesn’t have to be grand or extravagant. You’ve been all out during his first birthday party so just keep it simple this time. They won’t still remember it anyway so don’t stress out yourself and hurt your pocket. Throwing a simple party won’t make you a bad parent.

Here are some tips you should consider when hosting a birthday party for your two-year old boys.

1. Find the perfect timing.

Remember that toddlers have their nap time. It is appropriate to schedule your party after their sleep time. This will avoid crankiness and tantrums during the party. It is also necessary to keep the party short since toddlers’ attention spans are short. They might find it tiring and stressful if the party is too long.

2. Keep it simple.

Keep your boy’s 2nd party simple and low-key. You can invite your family members, some of the neighbors and his close friends. Nothing to be grand about. You don’t have to impress anyone.

3. Prepare more snacks.

Boys' 2nd Birthday Party Helpful Tips and Ideas - Finger Foods

Toddlers love snacks. Prepare more finger foods, something they can grab and munch from time to time without the supervision of the adults. Opt to prepare more healthy and nutritious foods. Do not forget to inquire if any of your guests have food allergies so you can prepare other options for them. 

4. Prepare more activities and games.

Keep your young guests busy and entertained to avoid tantrums break out. You must prepare more interesting activities. Know when to insert some relaxing activities in between the physical ones. Avoid those games with winners since toddlers does not know how to accept defeat yet.

Here are some ideal party activities and games for your toddlers.

5. Your invitation should set the mood.

Invitation is an integral part of the party. It prepares your guests to what type of party they are going to attend to. There are lot of options and choices to choose from. You can opt to buy the ready-made ones or create your own invitation cards.

For your convenience, we selected some of the best of the best.

  • Wernnsai Video Game Invitations: Time to have the video game party! We all love the video game so much no matter how old we are.
  • Superhero Invitation Cards: Contains 24 postcard style invitation cards with colorful illustrations on one side for children birthdays, theme parties, and play dates.
  • Party Invitations for Boys: Printed on both sides! 25 perfectly sized 4.25 x 6″ cards with 25 easy to seal gummed A6 envelopes.

Online RSVP

Boys' 2nd Birthday Party Helpful Tips and Ideas - Partituki RSVP Tool

With the emergence of technology, online RSVP is one of the best options for your invitations. An online rsvp is a paperless invitation that you can create and send among your guests at the comfort of your home. Why not try Partituki RSVP tool? It is being offered for free and you can create as many events as you want and need. Create your event in just minutes, send it to your guest lists via messenger, SMS, Whatsapp, etc., and be updated of who will be joining you hassle-free. You can save your time from preparing and distributing physical invitations plus you are helping the nature because it is paperless.

6. Choose a colorful theme.

Toddlers love color so keep in mind to choose a colorful theme that is within their interest. You can pick an existing concept or try a DIY theme. That depends on your budget and time. 

2nd Birthday Party Ideas

1. Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse theme will never get out of style no matter how many years may pass. This remains the crowd’s favorite theme of all time. Your decorations will revolve around black, red, and yellow. You can welcome your guests with a clubhouse sign and decorate the place with Mickey’s head, ears, and hands. There are lots of available Mickey Mouse party decors and supplies so everything comes in handy. 

We’ve picked some of the best for you.

No products found.

2. Sesame Street Party

Kids also love Elmo and his friends. These colorful and adorable characters will definitely attract your guests and will liven up your party. Lead your little party goers to the venue with a set of Elmo footprints plus Big Bird pointing the right direction. Do not forget to hang a Sesame Street party banner, complemented with colorful balloons to make your ordinary wall into a show stopping centerpiece.

We’ve picked top three amazing Sesame Street party decorations.

No products found.

3. Construction-Themed Party

Boys will always be boys who love building, constructing, and driving trucks. Your birthday boy and his friends will definitely love a construction-themed party. Orange traffic cones, sandboxes with shovels, and toy tractors must be present on your venue. These are the important elements of a realistic construction ambiance. Do not forget to include hard hats on the list. 

Here are some must-have construction-themed party decorations.

4. Sports theme

If your little boy shows a team player attitude, a sports theme is the perfect birthday party for him. You can request your guests to wear their favorite jersey. Your decoration must excite and prepare your guests for a fun-filled mini-olympics. Include some simple ball games to keep your little athletes entertained. 

We’ve gone ahead and selected some of the top sports-themed party decorations.

5. Rainbow Party

Kids are fond of color so instead of involving one or two colors, why not incorporate the rainbow? The more color, the more exciting and inviting it would be. Make sure that multicolor streamers are present on your decoration. You can create a color scheme based on the rainbow color sequence ROYGBIV. A rainbow cake and colorful cupcakes will make great treats for the young ones. 

Here are some colorful decorations that perfect for your rainbow themed party.

This video will walk you through on how to organize a dinosaur-themed birthday party.

The video offers tips on how to throw a top wing themed birthday party for a two-year-old boy.

More birthday party ideas for your soon-to-be two-year-old boy from these relevant resources.

For your little boy’s 2nd birthday party, make it simple and a small gathering. It doesn’t have to be grand and you don’t have to invite everybody to the party. Your young man won’t remember how his 2nd party went. Enjoy the party!

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