Budget-Friendly Birthday Parties for Six Years Old Kids

Budget-Friendly Birthday Parties for Six Years Old Kids

Do you remember the birthday parties that your parents have organized when you were still young? Birthday parties are the most exciting occasions that most families celebrate every year. Organizing our kids’ 6th birthday party is a mix of excitement and pressure. Our children are on the stage when they start to remember everything. It’s quite a pressure to organize a festive party that they will surely love. Nowadays, birthday celebrations are way too expensive, especially when we opt to celebrate it on extravagant venues like art studios, candy or chocolate shop, and music studio. However, not all families can afford grandiose birthday parties. To ease that pressure, we’ve listed several budget-friendly birthday party ideas that can be celebrated at home.


Celebrating your kids’ birthday party on a water themed-park is a sure hit. However, it is quite expensive and will definitely hurt your bank account. So instead of taking a trip to your nearest themed-park, why not create one on your backyard? Set-up those kiddie pools and slip-and-slide and let the party begins. If you don’t have one yet, we’ve listed the top three kiddie pools and slip-in-slide that your kids and their guests will surely enjoy. Purchasing one might be expensive but you can reuse it anytime your kids want to have a splish splash.

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If you don’t have enough budget for a kiddie pool and slip-in-slide, you can use plastic sheeting coated with baby shampoo. You can also make a DIY PVC water park that won’t cost you more than $20. Check out this video and learn how to do it. 

A party will not be complete without games. Here are some activities you can prepare.

  • Water Balloon Piñata- instead of using the usual piñata and candies, you can replace it with balloons filled with water. String those balloons on a pole and let the kids pop them one by one using dart pins.
  • Water Balloon Dodgeball – kids will definitely have fun aiming for their target. Just ensure that the area is not slippery to avoid accidents.
  • Fill the bucket – divide the guests into two teams and let them fill the bucket placed on a designated area. You can either use plastic cups or sponge to transfer the water from the pool (or any source) to the bucket.

Most importantly, don’t forget to remind your guests to bring their swimwear and extra clothes.

Here are some relevant resources that you might find useful in organizing a Water Park-themed party:


Carnival-themed party requires extra effort to make it successful but will definitely bring joy and fun to your kids and their guests. Seeing those smiles and hearing those laughter will make all your efforts worth it. To lessen your stress in finding carnival-themed must-haves, we’ve listed some that will definitely let your guests feel the carnival ambiance.

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Why call it a carnival without those exciting games? Make sure to prepare more games and activities to keep your little guests entertained. You can set-up game booths like toss a can, ring toss, and balloon dart. Don’t forget to include small prizes to each booth for the winners and consolation prizes for non-winners. Check these resources and find the best carnival games you can include on your program and tips for a successful party.


Don’t panic and overthink yet if your celebrant’s friends will be allowed to stay a night at your house. It would be a sleepover party without having your guests to spend the night at your house. Ask your guests to come over with their pajamas on. Prepare a movie or two (make sure to let the celebrant pick the movie/s they would want to watch) as well as popcorn and other snacks. You can also gather them around and tell a bedtime story after a pillow fight. A simple way to celebrate your young one’s birthday but will surely create a lifetime memory.

Here are some ideal bedtime stories you can share with your guests:

These relevant resources will definitely help you organize the best slumber party for your kids. You can just eliminate the all-night long part.


Ahoy, Matey’s! Are you ready to party? Wear those eye patches and bandannas or pirate hats, get the crew ready for an adventure, set the sail, and find that hidden treasure. You better get those clues done and those treasure chests buried around the area before your guests arrive. Aside from treasure hunting, you can also divide the guests into teams and let them decorate their own pirate flag. Why not ask them to pin the eye of the pirate or keep the balloons afloat in the air by bopping them again and again? There are lots of activities that you can choose from and here are some resources that can help you enhance your pirate-themed party.

Party costumes and decorations set the mood for the party and make the theme more realistic. Make sure to include these pirate-theme party supplies on your list and let the adventure begins.

A pirate will not be a pirate without a ship so don’t forget to create one. Here’s a tutorial on how to make a pirate ship out of a refrigerator box.


If you want to discover if your soon-to-be six-year old kid has an artistic side, organize an arts & crafts party. A fun way of learning and discovering the talents of your kids. You can set up your backyard or living room into a mini-art studio and set-up those mini-canvases. Let them create figures out of clay or challenge them to make awesome creations out of recyclable materials. You can also test their coloring skills and how keen they are to details. You can try to let them color these printable placemats and see who stands out.

Happy Birthday Placemat
Happy Birthday Placemat
Welcome Placemat
Welcome Placemat

Each of these printable placemats are available in 2 sizes and 2 formats for a price of one. All elements are created for quality prints with 300 dpi resolution. Grab yours now at Partituki.com.

Find out more arts and crafts activities you can include from these resources.


Who wouldn’t love pizza? Hosting a pizza party will encourage your little ones to unleash the little chefs in them as well as their creative side. Let them decorate their pizzas whichever they like. This will be a total fun and educational for the kids plus this will save you from the stress of preparing the food. You can give them a trivia about pizza and introduce them the different ingredients they can use. However, be ready for a messy kitchen afterwards.

Since kids can’t make pizza crust yet, make sure to prepare the crusts before the guests arrive or purchase the ready-made ones. You can also divide the kids into three groups or more. Provide each team with enough ingredients so that all members can decorate their own pizzas. Challenge each team that whosoever finished decorating their pizzas with little to no mess will receive a prize.

We’ve listed some of the necessary ingredients in decorating a pizza: the crust, sauce, pepperoni, and cheese. Feel free to add any ingredients that your kids would love to include on their pizza.

These relevant resources can help you nail down your pizza party.

There are lots of birthday ideas for your soon-to-be six-year child and we cannot list all of them. You can check out these related articles to find out more about 6th birthday party ideas.

When planning for your kids’ birthday party, make sure to involve the celebrant. After all, it is his/her party so his/her ideas should count. Most importantly, a successful and memorable birthday party is not measured on how extravagant and expensive it is, but on the happiness of all the guests and the celebrant. Keep it simple and within the budget. Happy 6th birthday to your child!

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