Budget-Friendly Third Birthday Party Tips and Ideas

Budget-Friendly Third Birthday Party Tips and Ideas

Planning for your kid’s third birthday but is running out of ideas? Why not ask your little ones what they want? For sure, they already have their favorites at this stage. Remember that the party is for your kids not to impress anyone so make sure that everything will be about them. 

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1. Time Length

Budget-Friendly Third Birthday Party Tips and Ideas - Time Length

Three year olds are a little impatient so make the party shorter, an hour and a half or two will suffice. Toddlers tend to become cranky if they are already asleep so it is ideal to set the time of the party after their nap time. 

2. Limit your Guests

Budget-Friendly Third Birthday Party Tips and Ideas - Guests

At this stage, toddlers are beginning to socialize so it is a must to invite kids within their age bracket. Keep it small so the party will remain manageable and enjoyable for everyone. Invite their close friends only, you don’t have to invite the whole class or the whole neighborhood. Instead of inviting the whole class, you can bring a birthday treat to them like brownies, donuts, or cupcakes. This way they will feel included in your kid’s birthday celebration even without inviting them to the party.   

3. Party Activities

Budget-Friendly Third Birthday Party Tips and Ideas - Party Activities

Keep your party low-key, overexcitement may lead to chaos. As much as possible, include non-competitive activities. Competitive games might end hurting their feelings and possibly crying and tantrums. You can start the party with an art activity to warm them up and encourage them to feel at ease with one another. Check out these resources and find ideal party activities for your toddlers.

  • Fun activities for Your Toddlers’ Birthday Party: The post provides 11 fun activities that you can consider on your toddlers’ birthday party. It includes Simon Says, What’s the Time Mr. Wolf, and Prize Walk Birthday Game. 
  • Coloring Games for Kids: The post provides nine coloring games that your kids will love and enjoy. They will learn while having fun too. The list includes Guess the Color, Color Brain, and Coloring per the Number. 
  • Perfect Party Games for Toddlers: The post provides 10 party games that are perfect for toddlers. It includes Musical Bash, Parachute Fun, and Chalk Art Birthday Party.

4. Perfect Party Invitations

Budget-Friendly Third Birthday Party Tips and Ideas -Party Invitations

Your invitation should include the exact location of the party, the date, and the time (include the start and end time). The invitation should also reflect the theme of the party or you can include a note to it. If you have special requests to your guests, explain it on the invitation. You can also mention that they are not allowed to tag along their siblings or other family members. Your invitation must be clear to avoid confusion. And of course, address your invitation to the child you are inviting not the parents. 

Here are some ideal ready-made party invitations you can choose from. 

  • Birthday Direct Boho Fill in Invitations: Simply fill in your party information using any gel ink, ballpoint, or felt-tip pen. Your guests will be excited to receive one of these adorable boho invitations. It includes 16 premium white envelopes that measure 4.75 inches by 6.5 inches.
  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Birthday Party Invitations: These Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Birthday Invitations are a stylish way to invite your guests to your child’s upcoming birthday party. With this modern design, these invites will leave an impression with your guests.
  • Donut Grow Up Birthday Party Invitations: These are perfect for inviting guests to join in the celebration. Fill in Spaces give you plenty of room to write in your child’s name & age, party time & location, plus how to RSVP. The set includes 20 invitations and 20 classic white envelopes. 

Online RSVP

Partituki RSVP tool 1

To make the process easier, you can try creating your invitations online. Partituki RSVP tool is being offered for free and you can make as many events as you want. The tool allows you to create your event in just minutes, disseminate to your guests, and track the attendees without any hassle. When you’re done creating the event, you can send it to your guests via SMS, messenger, WhatsApp, etc. You will be updated from time to time if a guest confirmed or denied your invitation. This will save you from preparing physical invitation cards and distributing them one by one. This is also good for the environment since it is paperless.  

5. Party Theme

Budget-Friendly Third Birthday Party Tips and Ideas - Party Theme

Party themes are important to make your party unique and memorable. Involve the celebrant when deciding on the theme. It is theirs after all, let the party reflect their personality, their likes, and interests. You can say no on some details if you know that it is beyond the budget. Once you’ve determined the theme, everything will be a lot easier.

Here are some of the ideal themes for your three years old.

1. Bubbles Party

Budget-Friendly Third Birthday Party Tips and Ideas - Bubbles Party

Kids find bubbles entertaining and fun. A sure hit to your kids and their guests, but won’t hurt your pocket. Make your decorations simple. You can hang clear balloons and cover the ground with clear beach balls. Do not forget to include plenty of bubbles, you can hire a bubble truck if budget allows. 

  • Bubbles Party Ideas: The post provides tips and ideas on how to throw a bubbles themed party. It includes party favors, decorations, and activities. It lists some party food ideas including soda or chocolate milk with straw, doughnuts, and circle suckers.  
  • Bubble Theme Party Ideas: The post offers tips and ideas on holding a bubble themed party. It includes affordable decorations, amazing bubble party entertainment, and party food. 
  • Bubble Birthday Party: The post provides photos of various bubble party decorations and activities. It includes hanging honeycomb ball decorations, awesome bubble-inspired birthday cake, and fun ball pits.  

2. Superhero

Budget-Friendly Third Birthday Party Tips and Ideas - Superhero Party

Kids have their own favorite superhero. They want to save the day and protect the community. Celebrate their special day with a touch of the supernatural. Ask your guests to be in their superhero costume. You can also provide them with capes, which can be used as party favors too.

Find out more superhero themed party ideas from these relevant resources. 

  • How to Throw The Most Awesome Superhero Party Ever: The post provides ideas on how to throw the best superhero party for your kids. It includes cute superhero invitations, delicious party food, and decorations. 
  • Superhero Party Ideas: The provides tips on how to throw an amazing superhero party. It includes creating the best party invitation, selecting the appropriate decorations, and fun superhero activities and games. 
  • How to Host a Super Cool Birthday Party: The post provides an overview of the superhero birthday themed party prepared for Corban. It includes tutorials on how to create backdrops, cake, and cake for the party. 

3. Candy Land

Budget-Friendly Third Birthday Party Tips and Ideas - Candy Land Party

Consider organizing a CandyLand themed party for your three-year-old. There are lots of awesome decorating ideas that are within the budget. Kids will surely enjoy this colorful and vibrant party.   

Make your CandyLand Party shine with these DIY decorations. 

Here are some relevant resources you can check to learn more on how to throw a successful CandyLand party. 

  • CandyLand Party Ideas: The post provides DIY decoration ideas for CandyLand party. It includes a candy land party trail, candy land lollipop balloons, and candy land wall decor. 
  • Land o’ Candy Birthday Party: The post offers ideas and tips that will make your candyland party a real hit. It includes sweet decoration ideas, wall candy, and a candy covered cake.
  • Candyland Party Ideas: The post provides tips that will help you plan a super sweet celebration. It includes inspiration for party invitations, decorating and food, and party favors. 

Relevant Resources

These relevant resources will give you more ideas on how to celebrate your three-year-old’s birthday. 

  • 20 Ideas for the Best Three-Year-Old Birthday Parties: The post provides 20 birthday party ideas for your three years old. It features the best themes for third birthday parties including carnival, farm, and monkey. It also cites indoor and outdoor party themes including craft party, tea party, and magic show. 
  • 3rd Birthday Party Ideas: The post provides great party ideas in planning a third birthday party. It includes easy ideas for party games, birthday activities, and themes. It features a timeline during the party. 
  • Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday Without a Party: The post suggests some fun and memorable non-party birthday celebration. It includes camping, flying somewhere for the weekend, and spending the night in a hotel.

Celebrating your kids’ birthday party doesn’t have to be grand. Involve them on the preparation and give them power to decide on things that they can. It is their party, choose the ones that will make them happy.

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