Coloring Games for Kids

“When you have fun then you’re interested in learning.” – Magnus Carlsen

Learning is achieved easily when kids are having fun. Aside from learning the alphabet, we teach our toddlers how to count and identify colors. Incorporating different color games will make learning colors easy and enjoyable. We’ve listed different exciting color games that your children will truly love.

Guess the Color

This game should be done in pairs. The first player will pick the color from a box while the other one will guess the color selected. The guesser will cite examples that could help her/him guess the right color. On the other hand, the one who picked the color can answer with Yes, No, Maybe only. He/she is not entitled to give clues. Giving clues aside from the allowable words will be penalized with additional 3 seconds on their time.

What you need:
It is your choice if you will fill the rectangle board with colors.

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Color Brain 

This game is played by teams. They have to figure out the correct colors to the question. They have to put down their answers. A score will be given to the team who got all the colors correct. The first team who can reach 10 points, wins the game.

Example questions that you can use for this game:

  • What are the colors on the rainbow?
  • What are the colors of the member of the Power Rangers?
  • What are the colors of the flag of the United States?    

Your kids will surely love this color brain Disney edition from DHE.

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Color Word Match 

This would be a perfect game for older children who are starting to learn color names. In this game, kids should match the correct color word to the colored rectangle. The one with the highest score wins the game. 

This is an enjoyable activity to practice their reading and word recognition aside from the color skills. 

What you need:

  • colored rectangle
  • cut-out color words

Color Scavenger Hunt

This can be done both indoors or outdoors. Ask the children to look for objects that will complete the color board. For example: they will look for something that is red or blue, etc. The one who has the higher score for a lesser time wins. 

Coloring per the Number 

Each part of the picture is labeled with different numbers and those numbers are assigned to different colors. For example: 1 is color pink; therefore, all parts of the picture that have number 1 should be colored pink. See video to know more.

Color the Picture Challenge

You can print coloring sheets and give the kids instructions. For example: The princess is wearing a pink beautiful dress. Whosoever got the highest score, wins.

Kids will surely enjoy coloring these printable placemats from Partituki. Easy to print yourself and includes 2 sizes and 2 formats for one price. All elements are high resolution (300 dpi) for quality prints.

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Logic Color Code

This game is ideal for kids ages 5 and up. They must replicate the puzzle shown in the pictures in the book. A fun game that children will surely love and will learn a bit about logic. Watch this video and learn more about this game.

Grab your Smart Games Color Code now and start solving those puzzles.

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Color Circles

Create a color wheel and write the color word instead of coloring it. Give it to your kids then let them color the wheel. You can also let them color the wheel one by one by saying “Red” and so on. 

Color the Fruits and Vegetables

Draw or print different fruits and vegetables. Let the kids color each fruit and vegetable with their correct color. 

There are also lots of different coloring games online. Here are some:

Here are some ideal coloring materials that you can use for your coloring games:

Here’s a list of interesting coloring books for your kids:

Learning should not be stressing to your kids. Remember that playing is not just a leisure, but most of the time a source of learning. Happy coloring and enjoy!

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