Cute and Useful Baby Shower Party Favors

Welcoming a new member of the family is really exciting and overwhelming. Preparing a baby shower is not an easy task, you have a lot to prepare, to buy, and to learn. You need to decide on the venue, the decoration, and the food. Selecting or creating the invitation that would best represent how happy you are to welcome your baby is also stressful. Should you go for DIY or the ready-made ones? Why not try an online RSVP?

Cute and Useful Baby Shower Party Favors - Partituki RSVP Tool

What is an online RSVP? An online RSVP is a paperless invitation that you can create and send among your guests at the comfort of your home. Partituki RSVP tool is free to use and you can create different events at the same time. Get your event done in minutes, spread the word among your guests through SMS, messenger, Whatsapp, and the like, and wait for their confirmation. You will be updated on whosoever confirmed without any hassle. New Free RSVP Tool for Kids’ Parties will walk you through on how to use Partituki’s RSVP tool. 

Your invitation is already done. What’s next? It is important to  thank your guests for celebrating with you and welcoming your baby. A simple party favor or souvenir for them as a token of appreciation will mean a lot. We have listed some of the cutest and the best baby shower favors that your guests will truly love.  

1. Kitchen Timers

Remind your guests that your baby will arrive anytime soon with these cute kitchen timers. These will not just make an amazing party favor but a helpful and useful tool in the kitchen.

Here are some of the best kitchen timers that your guests can take home.

  • Kate Aspen Egged Shaped Kitchen Timer: Packaged in a clear round gift box, the charming timer is showcased from every side. Guests can’t help but love the charming design details from the “Grade A” sticker near the top to the two hens guarding an egg which reads “About to Hatch” on the base.
  • Lemego Stainless Steel Egg Kitchen Timer Manual: Egg shape design is like a lovely craft, and the stainless steel shell is really hard which makes the timer durable. This is a mechanical drive timer. No battery needed, practical and economical design.
  • MSC International 10175 Joie Hoot Kitchen Timer: The timer makes cooking fun and easy.  Great for people of all ages especailly for baking and cooking.

2. Bath Soaps

Soaps are a perfect way to thank your guests for making your baby extra special and for their attendance. They make your baby shower great, make their shower time amazing too. 

Here are some of the best soaps you can give to your guests.

3. Bottle Openers

Thinking about a grand opening for a new member of the family? Giving your guests a bottle opener as a take home will make them remember your baby every time they are using it. You can personalized it by sticking labels on it that include your baby’s name and due date. 

We’ve chosen some of the best bottle openers that you can give to your guests.

  • GoldskyUSLolly Shaped Bottle Opener: Add extra charm to your baby shower party by gifting these gorgeous lollipop party decor that are actually bottle openers! Your guests will remember you long after your kids party or baby shower by gifting these gorgeous bottle openers.
  • PARTYGOGO Baby Carrige Shaped Bottle Opener: These cute and unique baby carriage shape bottle opener will definitely make your baby’s first party more meaningful and memorable. Made of metal alloy that’s anti- corrosion and rustproof.
  • Layseri 30 Pack Baby Bottle Opener: These bottle openers are made of strong, beautifully crafted alloy metal. 100% Brand new and high quality. They are very attractive and durable.

4. Scented Candles

Scented candles promote relaxation, induce quality sleep, and reduce stress. They create a calming ambience. Your guests will remember your baby every time they are enjoying a relaxing moment. To make it more personal, you include a simple sticker or tag with a quotation to live by signed with your baby’s name and due date.    

Here are some of the best scented candles that will definitely soothe the senses of your guests.

No products found.

5. Personalized Lip Balm

Giving your guests a personalized lip balm might be their saving grace who often forgot their Chapstick. Your guests will be thankful for this useful favor. 

We’ve gone ahead and selected top three lip balms that your guests won’t forget. 

6. Personalized Glass Favor Jars

You can fill these bottles with candies or mints. It is ideal to fill these jars with blue or pink powder with sea shells. This way your guests can display it. Fill the jars with items that you like, just don’t give them to your guests empty. Do not forget to include a tag with a thank you note, your baby’s name, and due date.  

7. Key Chains

Help your guests organize their keys by giving them beautiful keychains. They will not forget your baby, there is something that would remind them of him/her everyday. Make sure that your keychains will encourage your guests to use them.

Here are some of the cutest and the best keychains that your guests can’t resist from using. 

Relevant Resources

Find out more adorable and ideal baby shower party favors from these relevant resources.

Make your baby shower party memorable with amazing party favors. It doesn’t have to be grand or expensive. Just make it more personal. Congratulations on your baby!

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