Fun Activities for Your Toddlers' Birthday Party

Fun Activities for Your Toddlers’ Birthday Party

Birthdays are the most common occasion that every household celebrate. Despite how stressing and tiring it could be, organizing birthday parties always excites us. Aside from the food, games and activities add fun and enjoyment to the party. It is a must that you should include activities on your to-do lists, these should be easy, do not involve too much physical activity, and educational. There are various activities suitable for your toddlers’ birthday party. To help you ease with digging the Internet for the most ideal ones, we’ve listed some for you.

Dance, Dance, Dance

Toddlers love to dance. Why not start the party with a wiggle from their favorite nursery rhymes? Assign a leader who will guide the other guests with the dance steps or you can ask who wants to volunteer. Make sure that you’ve included the music they love and are ideal for the dance activity. Here are some music you can include:

  • Wheels on the Buss
  • Head, Shoulder, Knees, and Toes
  • If Your Happy and You Know It
  • Itsy Bitsy Spider
  • Hokey Pokey

You can also make the activity a freestyle, let them dance whatever steps they want. This will definitely set their mood for partying.

Simon Says

Let the kids fall in line (if you have a bigger space let them spread to give them enough distance from one another). An adult should play as Simon and would say the command. The kids should follow the command if the leader starts with “Simon says,” example “Simon says touch your knees.” However, kids should not execute the action if Simon says a command without the keyword “Simon says.” Whosoever did what Simon says without the keyword will be eliminated.

A classic game that will teach your little ones how to follow instructions. This will also test your children’s attentiveness and keen to details.

What’s the Time Mr. Wolf

It is an ideal game to be played outdoors to give the kids space to roam around. One of the guests will be assigned to be Mr. Wolf, who will stand at the other end of the playing area. On the other hand, the rest of the players will stand on the starting line. All of the players will ask Mr. Wolf in unison with “What’s the time, Mr. Wolf?” In response, Mr. Wolf will say a clock time like 5 o’clock. The players on the starting line will start taking the steps called by Mr. Wolf. Then the process goes on until Mr. Wolf answers with “Lunch Time” or “Dinner Time.” If Mr. Wolf said so, the players must run back to the starting line. Whosoever tagged by Mr. Wolf before reaching the starting line will be the next Mr. Wolf.

This will test your toddlers’ attentiveness in following commands. They will also learn how to count. Do not forget to instruct your little ones to be extra careful when running.

Stop Dance or Dance Freeze

Play them music and let the kids dance according to their will. If the music stop, players should stop dancing and freeze. They can start dancing again if the music is resumed. A player who will move before the music is played, he/she will be eliminated. Continue the process until there is only one left.

This game will promote your kids motor coordination and listening skills.

Prize Walk Birthday Game

You need to write the numbers one to twelve on colored papers then taped it on the floor in a circular manner. Play their favorite nursery rhyme and let the kids walk around the colored papers. They will continue to walk until the music stops. If the kids are settled on the numbers they are standing on, you will roll two dice. The number on the floor that matches with the dice wins the price. Replace the winner with another player and continue the process until you have prizes.

We’ve gone ahead and listed three dice that you could choose from.

Pass the Ball

Let the kids sit in circle and give the ball to one of them. Play the music and the ball will be passed to the next player, to the next, and so on. Kids will continue to pass the ball until the music stops. The one holding the ball when the music stops will be eliminated.

This game will teach your kids the essence of sportsmanship and honesty by accepting that he/she is the one holding the ball when the music stops.

We’ve listed some ball options you can use for this game.

Ball Pit

Why not let your kids relax a bit and teach them with colors? Set-up your small pool and fill it up with colored plastic balls. You can ask them to give you all the color blue balls, then red, etc. You can also teach them how to count with this activity.

If you don’t have an inflatable pool yet, we’ve listed the top three best choices.

Music Parade

Let the kids fall in line and group them according to the instruments they will be playing. It could be drums, guitar, trumpets, cymbals, etc. Let them parade around while playing and singing a “Birthday Song.” Kids will surely have fun with this activity. To avoid additional expenses on musical instruments, you can include on your invitation that attendees can bring their favorite music instrument.

Sleeping Lions

This is an ideal game if the kids became too excited and got out of control. The challenge is to keep the kids motionless even if adults are walking around or telling jokes. Toddlers who move, giggle, or make any action will be eliminated. The one who stays still for the longest time wins the game.


After that still game, kids have surely calm down. Let them stay calm by letting them solve puzzles instead of another round of physical activities. This educational game will boost your children’s memory and enhance their physical, cognitive, and emotional skills. They will learn while having fun, plus you will have enough time to prepare the table.

Color Time

More educational game for the kids. A good one to end your birthday activities is by organizing a coloring game. This will be a total hit for your toddlers who love to colors anything and everything. A fun way of introducing them colors as well as encouraging their creative side.

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Here are some relevant resources that you can check for more ideal birthday games for your toddlers’ party.

Birthday activities for toddlers should not involve too much physical activities to avoid unnecessary accidents. Try to incorporate games that they would love, after all it is their party. Enjoy the party!

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