How to Organize a Vibrant Black Light Party for Kids

How to Organize a Vibrant Black Light Party for Kids

Planning to throw something unique for your child’s next party? Whatever your party theme is, you can add a twist by turning it to black light party or a glow in the dark party. Instead of organizing it outside in the bright daylight, why not close all the windows of the house and fill your living room with black lights and glow sticks? Kids will love and enjoy dancing, partying, and glowing in the dark. Your party will definitely rock with the right supplies and decorations. Here are some tips on how to host a one-of-a-kind black light party for your kids.

How to Organize a Vibrant Black Light Party for Kids - Colorful Bulbs

1. Black Lights

Black lights should be at the top priority of your party supplies list. If you really want to make the area glow, proper amount and distribution of black lights is an ultimate necessity. Traditional incandescent light bulbs coated with UV filter have a little effect compared to a proper black light fluorescent or LED tube. If you are aiming to light up the whole room with UV lights, use LED tubes.

We’ve listed some black lights you can choose from.

  • Glime 12 LED Black Light: Ideal for illuminating most reactive pigments, paints and dyes with black light. Especially with neon-colored objects, the blacklights work super cool for uv body paint and other visible fluorescent materials.
  • OPPSK Black Light:  With 360° adjustable brackets and 120° UV lighting angle, easy install at T-bar, on the wall, and floor. 70,000+ hours lifespan for LEDs,durable and energy efficient.
  • JLPOW 60 ft-Remote UV Black Light for Parties: Aluminum alloy shell, compact and better heat dissipation. 7.4ft powe cord instead of 3.6ft short wire like other brand. Built-in quiet fan, runs all night and stays cool to the touch.

2. Glow Sticks

Aside from the black lights, you should prepare plenty of glow sticks too. These can be a great addition to your black lights, they will further lighten and brighten the area. You can place them in the washroom, at the door, and food and beverage tables. These can also be worn, which would be a great addition to your activities. Your kids can use it as jewelry, accessory to their hair, or attached to any part of their bodies.

There are lots of available glow sticks that you can choose from so we’ve listed top three best options.

  • BUDI 400 Pack Glow Sticks: 400 glow sticks in 7 vivid colors with 400 bracelet connectors. Glow more than 10 hours, long enough for lighting and cheering up your party!
  • JOYIN 800 PCs Glow Sticks Bulk Colorful Neon: Set includes 800 pieces of glowing stickers to add more fun to your extra special light-up party celebration. 10-14 hours of glow time.
  • Glow Fever Bulk Glow in The Dark: These 50ct 10” jumbo glow sticks are the BEST glow sticks, nothing but the highest quality glow sticks. Bend, snap, and shake the stick and it will glow.

3. Black-Light Paint

Black-light paint is a must on your supplies too, this will complement your black light party effect. Splatter them across your walls and ceiling before the party or let your guests do it. Allowing your young ones to paint the room themselves will bring extra fun and memories to your kids, something they would cherish for a lifetime. Forget about the mess, let loose, and let them paint whichever and whatever they want. The mess can be cleaned, but their happiness is priceless. To make it safer for the young ones, use glow-in-the-dark paint or water-based neon.

If black light paint will make the area shine and beautiful, why not include black-light face and body paints too? These will be an absolute hit to your guests. There is no need to hire a professional face painter, let your kids explore and discover their arty side. This will bring more excitement to your kids, a great activity for your party. 

4. Glowing Dessert Table Backdrop

Highlight your dessert table with a neon glow backdrop. You can use neon colored papers for circle garlands and rosettes. Attach them to a black paper backdrop to make them shine and for a total amazing look.

Watch this video and learn how a simple way of a glow party backdrop setup.

Here are some of the ideal backdrop decorations that will make your party stand-out.

5. Glowing Accessories

Let the kids shine and glow by giving them glow-in-the-dark accessories, which can be your party favors too. Kids will be excited to wear glowing bracelets and rings. Girls will be more fashionable wearing a glowing headband. You can have a fashion show activity using the glow sticks, black light paint, and the accessories. You will be surprised to see how imaginative they are.

6. Glowing Table and Tablewares

Boast your table with a glow-in-the-dark tablecoth and center piece. Glowing plates and cups will definitely make a statement on your table. These will boost the appetite of your guests.

You can never go wrong with these choices.

7. Glowing Food

Pair your glowing table with glowing food. Surprise your guests with favorite drink with a twist. Kids will be amazed and thrilled to see a glowing drink. The secret to a glowing drink is tonic water. You can also add a glow-in-the-dark cotton candy. White cotton candy turns luminescent in black lights. Instead of using an ordinary stick, use a glow stick to enhance the glowing effect.

This video will inspire you to host a black light party on your kid’s next party.

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Do not forget to consider the age and interests of your kids and their interests when organizing a black light party. With this, you can incorporate the most appropriate decoration and activities. Happy glowing!

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