Ideal Venues for Indoor Kids' Parties

Ideal Venues for Indoor Kids’ Parties

There are lots of things to consider when hosting a party for your kids. One of the most important factors to consider is the venue. Are you going you celebrate it at the comfort of your home or you want to rent a venue to make it more exciting? Another thing to consider is that if you want to do it outdoors or indoors? To make your decision making easier, we’ve listed ideal indoor venues that your kids will surely love along with home alternatives if the budget is limited.

Inflatable play facilities

Inflatable play facilities are also known as bounce houses or trampoline parks. These facilities are ideal for kids 12 years old and younger. Kids will definitely love bouncing, gliding, and sliding with this giant bounce houses. They would enjoy running around the area without the fear of major injuries. Facility owners assured that your kids are 100% safe, but you still need to instruct your kids to be careful and avoid clashing with other guests. Your little one and his/her guests will surely leave the facility with a big smile.

Here are some of the inflatable play facilities that offer party packages. Feel free to visit their websites and see if they are available in your area and if your budget permits it.

If your budget is limited and cannot afford to rent a whole inflatable facility, you can organize an inflatable-themed party at your own house. You can either rent your ideal bounce houses or purchase one. We’ve listed some bounce houses that you can purchase.

No products found.

And of course, don’t forget to let your kids wear their socks while playing.

Art Studios

Why not unleash the creative side of your kids and their friends by organizing their next party on art studios? Discover that creative side of your kids and have an additional decorative collection. Art studios provide art experts to guide your kids with the activity. They will give your children tips on how to make a good art.

You can check out the following art studios and consider booking your next party.

However, you can also organize an art-themed party for your kids at home. Why not try to convert your living room or an available room into a mini-art studio for a day? There are lots of crafty ideas that you can choose from. You can either let the kids paint whatever they want, color the available pictures, or mold a clay. This will enhance their imagination and creative mind.

If you choose the coloring option, here are some of the ideal coloring pages that your kids will truly love. Each of these printable placemats are available in 2 sizes and 2 formats for a price of one. All elements are created for quality prints with 300 dpi resolution.

Happy Birthday Placemat
Happy Birthday Placemat
Good to Have You Here Placemat

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Read these following resources and you can surely organize a memorable art-themed party for your kids.

Kids’ Cooking Class Venue

Excite the kids with a cooking show or a cooking class with their friends. Let them enjoy preparing and decorating their pizza, cupcake, or cake. This might trigger your kids interest in cooking. You never know, he/she is a chef in the making. You don’t have to prepare food for the party since they can eat the ones they’ve cooked.

Ideal venues for your cooking-themed party:

You can also organize a cooking-theme party at your house. You just have to be ready for the mess after. But you can ask your little ones to help you clean the kitchen while waiting for the pizza or the cake to be cooked. Aside from learning how to cook, you’ll be able to teach them how to clean their mess. Instead of purchasing the needed tools, you can ask the parents of the attendees to bring the available equipment they have. You might want to provide a free apron for everyone, which can be a souvenir too.

Hosting a cooking-theme party is a bit stressing and will require some extra work. These following resources might help you lessen the stress and burden.

Music Studio or Karaoke Facilities

You might want to discover the singing talent of your little one. Organizing a music-themed party might pave the way to his/her interest in singing. Let those tunes be heard and those vocal chords be practiced.

There are lots of music studio or karaoke facilities that offer best value party packages, we’ve listed some.

Don’t worry if you can’t afford renting a music studio or karaoke facility, you can make your living room an instant music studio. Better set-up your karaoke machine, test your microphone, and pick the best of best songs to be included on the playlist. Do not forget to award the best singer of the day.

We’ve listed affordable karaoke machines that would make your party a hit.

Here are some guides on organizing a successful karaoke-themed party.

Candy or Chocolate Shops

Fill your kids’ party with sweets by celebrating it on a candy or chocolate shop. Let your kids create sweet memories with their friends. They will surely enjoy touring around the shop. They will also discover additional information about their favorite sweets as staff provide them with relevant trivia.

If you’re planning to host a candy making party at your home instead of renting a candy shop, be ready for the mess. Here are some of the must-haves to make your party extra sweet: candy molds, lollipop sticks, candy melts, food use paint brushes, and dipping tools. We’ve listed some candy molds and candy melts that you can consider.

Candy Molds

Candy Melts

No products found.

Check out these relevant resources and learn more about organizing a candy making party for your kids.

Advantages of Renting Indoor Venues

  • Lesser stress because you don’t have to organize activities and other party needs.
  • You don’t have to prepare much of that food or prepare nothing at all.
  • With the presence of company’s staff, parents can sit back, relax, and watch their children enjoy.
  • Party time is limited and shorter so you can rest early.
  • No pre- and post-party stress, no party decoration to think about and no mess to clean-up after the party. 

Here are some relevant resources that you can consult when deciding the venue for your kids’ party.

Renting indoor venues is really convenient, but is a little pricey. If the budget does not permit, try the same activities that can be done at home. Parties do not have to be costly. What’s really important is that our little ones had fun and enjoyed what we had prepared. Good luck on your next indoor party!

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