Minions Party Supplies That You Should Have

Minions Party Supplies That You Should Have

Does your little one loves the minions and have watched all the sequels of the Despicable Me? It would be best to organize a Despicable Me or Minions themed party. They will surely love and enjoy their favorite cartoon character. Make sure to decorate your venue with different Minions party supplies. To ensure that everything is covered, we’ve listed different minions supplies that will make your party a sure hit.

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1. Minions Decoration

Make sure that all of the minions are invited to the party and let them sing a Happy Bananaday to your young one. Fill your venue with yellow and blue decorations. Trigger your guest to share their favorite scenes in the movie. You can welcome them with a life size minion and others are guiding them the right way. 

We’ve listed the best decorations you can include on your list. 

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More decorations to ensure that your venue is filled with minions.

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2. Minions Tableware

Fill your tables witht these cute characters and extend the minions feel on your table. Kids would love to eat their food with their minions tableware. They will be more excited for the food to be served.

 We’ve selected the top three best tablewares you can use on your party.

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  • Despicable Me Minions Party Supplies Pack: The set is good for 16 guests. It includes dinner plates, dessert plates, napkins, cutlery, and cups. You’ll also receive a party planning checklist PDF. It will help get your party organized so you can enjoy the party too!
  • Minion Party Pack Tableware Supplies: The set includes 16 dinner plates, 16 dessert plates, 16 napkins. It comes with one 54” x 96” tablecover. Perfect for Minion or Despicable Me themed celebration for both kids and adults.
  • Minion Party Supplies Tableware Bundle Pack: The set caters 16 guests that includes dinner plates, dessert plates, dinner napkins. It also includes one tablecover.

3. Minions Invitation

Invite your guests and set their mood for a wonderful Despicable Me party. Your invitation should represent what your party is all about, it should convey the tone of the event. The invitation should excite your guests and they must be eager to respond with a YES to your party.

We’ve selected three best choices Despicable Me invitation that will give you a 100% attendance. 

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In this time of technological innovations and rapid development, you can create your event online and invite your guests without the meeting them personally. Why not try creating your event using the Partituki RSVP tool? Create your event in just minutes, send it to your guests via SMS, messenger, WhatsApp, etc., and be updated with their answers. Partituki RSVP tool will not limit you to create one event at a time, you can create as many events as you like for free.

Watch this video to have a glimpse about the tool. 

4. Minions Cake

A party will never be complete without a candle on the cake to blow and to wish for. A minions cake will definitely make the star of the party be more excited to make his/her wish. Do not forget to visit your favorite bakeshop and request for your favorite minions cake and cupcakes. If you love baking, you can do it personally.     

Watch this video and be inspired to bake your own minion cake. 

5. Minions Pinata

Pinatas are an integral part of the party, they add excitement and fun. Kids look forward to being the one to break the pinata or the one to pull the correct string while the other guests are patiently waiting to grab some treats. 

Here are some of the ideal pull string minions pinata that you can include on your party. 

6. Minions Party Favors

Do not forget to thank your guests for being part and for spending their time with you. A party will never be a party if there are no guests. Be grateful for their presence and for celebrating the special moment with you. Party favors do not have to be expensive. Give them something they can use and something that will remind them of your party. 

We’ve gone ahead and selected the top three best minions party favors you could give to your guests. 

You can check out these relevant resources and find out more ideal minions party supplies.

Minions Party Supplies That You Should Have - Minions Relevant Resources

Make sure to include these must-haves on your next minions party. Enjoy your Banananananana Party!

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