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Everyone loves parties and partying. These are part of our lives since we were kids. Our parents exerted too much effort to make our first birthday most memorable. Have you asked your parents on the theme of your birthday? Do you still remember your first costume for Halloween or the one you wore on Christmas? We love wearing costumes and mingling with other people. We simply love to celebrate almost everything. However, organizing and hosting a party can be stressful and tiring. The to-do list is unlimited: you need to determine the theme, the venue, and the guests, decide on your budget, and shop for the party supplies. Hiring an event organizer will make your job easier but it means additional cost and that is not a really good idea. The pressure is real in making the party successful, fun, and memorable for everyone. 

Oftentimes, determining the theme takes time because there are lots of themes to choose from. You also need to go shop hopping for the decorations, costumes, and party favors since some stores do not offer everything you need. You also need to create the best invitation that will entice your guests, they must feel the urge to attend your party. But all of those things must be within you budget. You don’t want to enjoy for a day and be broke for the rest of the month and the next. So most of the time you miss the fun because you are already stressed-out and tired of the preparation. What if party organizing will be made simpler and easier, no stress to deal with, and most especially within the budget? Why not try to include Party City on your list and consider the remaining to-dos on the list done?

Who is Party City?

Party City is the largest party retailer in the United States. They have been in the industry for 30 years. The company offers a wide selection of seasonal and general party supplies and services. Their primary aim is to make every party extraordinary and memorable. They encourage everyone, regardless of age, to dress up according to what they want and be “unapologetically unique.” They have a team of party experts continuously brainstorming a variety of party ideas, developing innovative products, and carefully tracking trendy party themes. Party City is a one-stop shop that will cater all your party needs, from determining the theme to purchasing your party supplies without hassle.

Party City offers services and supplies for Birthdays, Holidays, and Special Occasions. If you don’t have the luxury of time to visit their stores, you can easily browse their website (, look for what you need, and order. Your order will be shipped on time or you will be notified if issues occurred. You can also choose in-store pick-up and your order will be ready in two hours or less, but there may be some delays for pick-up during peak seasons or holiday seasons.

Want to find out and know more about the services offered by Party City? We have listed some of the yearly occasions we love that Party City can be of help.

Holiday Parties

We are all excited to any kind of holidays because it means a work-off and family gatherings as well as reconnecting with friends. Regardless of how you want to celebrate your holiday parties, Party City offers holiday party themes and decorations that will definitely set the mood for good cheer and a lifetime memory. 

Christmas Season

Christmas is fast approaching, are you ready for the holiday season? Are you done decorating your house? Party City listed different holiday-themed party ideas and decorations that will surely match your budget and taste. Whether you want a snowman-themed decoration or winter wonderland or you might be interested in hosting a mini wine tasting party, Party City has them all. The company meticulously selected Christmas decorations and supplies that are worth hanging, displaying, and showing-off. If you’re still in the process of decorating or still want to add some more, here are some of the available Christmas decorations, supplies, and costumes that can be purchased online or at their local stores:

  • Elf, Santa, and the Grinch costumes
  • Ugly Christmas costumes
  • Family Christmas pajamas
  • Christmas stockings (your kids are probably excited on what would Santa gave them)
  • Christmas tableware 


Does trick or treat excites you? Are you fond of dressing-up and scaring your friends or family members? Do you always look forward to wearing the latest trend of Halloween costumes? Halloween has been one of the big hits of Party City this year. They have featured a wide range of spooky decorations that have surely caught the attention of your neighbors and passersby.

Party City has the perfect costume for you for affordable prices. They have a huge collection of Halloween costumes, covering all ages from kids to adults, that will definitely give you a nomination for the Best Dressed award. Some of their costumes are already complete with accessories so you can be an instant character out of the box while other outfits need extra accessories to perfectly portray the character. You can handpick the best wigs, shoes, makeup, Halloween masks, and more to make your costume look truly unique.  So better check their website or store next year for a spooky look and the scariest house in town.

Party City also caters supplies for Thanksgiving, Hannukah, New Year’s Eve, and Mardi Gras.

Special Occasions


Who doesn’t want to marry the love of their lives? Every girl has their own dream wedding they have been imagining since childhood and they all want to make that dream come true. It is a once in a lifetime occasion; thus, it should be worth reminiscing for the rest of our lives. A memorable wedding does not mean that it should be grandiose or you should spend your whole savings for it. Party City can help you celebrate this momentous event in style for an affordable price. The company offers wedding decorations, wedding ceremony supplies, Bachelorette party supplies, and wedding unique favors that will absolutely make this event one of  a kind. 

Baby Shower/Gender Reveal

“A baby is a blessing, a gift from Heaven above.” Celebrating a soon-to-be additional member of the family is highly emotional and exciting. Party City can definitely help you organize a baby shower that is worth remembering and will make the baby feel extra special, loved, and welcomed. They have a huge selection of baby shower party themes for both girls and boys. They also have complete supplies for gender reveal and gender-neutral baby shower. Party City offers novelty gifts that you could give away to your guests as a thank you for their attendance and celebrating this special moment with you. They have a list of various baby shower games that will surely keep everyone entertained and involved.   


Who doesn’t love celebrating his or her birthday every year? Birthday parties are usually associated with kids, but these should be for  all ages not only for kids to enjoy. So why settle for less and the same monotonous party template if you can have a fantastic and unique party. Party City offers a range of birthday party supplies for all ages. They have hundreds of birthday themes for children and adults, from first to 80th birthday and beyond. Party City features top designs by Nickelodeon, Disney, Dreamworks,and Marvel, along with dozens of other designs. They also have over 100 piñatas and party balloons that everyone will enjoy. They also offer tableware sets that matched with your theme. Their themed invitation will surely encourage your guests to dress up. Your guests will definitely display your party souvenirs. Party City offers gag gifts for adults too.

You can further explore their Holidays, Themes, and Special Occasions here:

Kazzam Party Rentals and Services by Party City

Want to include pony rides, and popcorn machines, dunk tanks, or food cars on your party? Or would your kids love face painting, witness magic, and balloon twisting? How about party rocking with the best song mixes by DJs for adult guests? Kazzam by Party City covers them all. It offers a wide range of budget-friendly party services and rentals. You can easily book performers, activities, and food for your party. Kazzam conducts background check for all of their entertainers to ensure that your kids are safe interacting with them.

Kazzam also guarantees that you will be satisfied with their services or they will have your money back. They clean, inspect, and sanitize all their for rent products before each rental. Furthermore, their products adhere to manufacturer safety standards. Rest assured that there are no delays, they arrive and set-up on time. Most importantly, there are no hidden charges. Interested in booking your next party with them or you simply want to know more about them, you can check out their site here:    

Party City Stores

Party City has more than 850 stores across the United States. You can always check if an outlet is available in your area through their store locator: Store services offered are Birthday Party supplies, Holiday Party Supplies, Personalization Studio, and Party Planner. You need to enter your city and state or zip code to find a store near you. To simplify your search, you can filter it by the services offered since some stores may not have all the services listed or the supplies are out of stock.

Shopping at their stores is easy since the aisles are wide and well-marked while the supplies are well-organized according to season, color, and party theme. All you have to do is go to the appropriate area and get the supplies you need. Store managers and associates are well-trained and knowledgeable about the inside and out of the party industry. You can ask for their help anytime or ask for their opinions or suggestions to ensure that you don’t forget anything.

So before you stress yourself and spend late nights browsing the Internet for the best party theme, consider checking out Party City first. Whatever your occasion is, Party City got your party covered. You can customize and personalize your invitations, banners, and souvenirs so your guests will not forget your party and they will definitely look forward to your next one. All of the Party City’s party supplies, decorations, and costumes are budget-friendly and are available in a wide range of patterns and colors. They also offer discounts that will surely make you smile and want to shop more. Most of their products are designed and manufactured by them so the majority of their decorations are exclusively sold on their website and stores only.

Make every party, whether it is simple or grandiose, memorable, fun, and the talk of the town (in a positive way of course). Eliminate the stress and let Party City do their job without hurting your bank account. Happy party organizing!

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