Tips in Hosting Spa Birthday Party

Tips in Hosting Kids’ Spa Birthday Party

Your young ones are beginning to become grown-ups. Those kiddie birthday party themes will excite them no more. So why not try host a spa day party for your young lady and her friends? There are lots of ways to bring the salon feels at the comfort of your home rather than pampering them on the real salon. Here are the five essential things you need to have for your spa party.

1. Foot Soaks

Every foot deserves to be pampered with a foot soak. Just be sure that it is included on your spa services for your little grown ups. All the girls should have their own tub. It will be more fun if they can have their feet soaked together and have a little chit-chat.

Here are some easy and simple foot soak recipes for kids.

We’ve picked some ideal tubs that for your little ladies’ foot soaking activity.

2. Kid-friendly nail polish

It is time to get those little toes painted a fter a relaxing foot soak. A spa day will never be complete without a manicure and pedicure services. Look for kid-friendly nail polish that are safer to kids compared to the regular nail polish. It would be ideal to use water-based nail polish so it can be easily washed off. Be sure to include their favorite colors.

3. Facial mask

Kids’ skin are sensitive so it is ideal to make an all-natural home-made facial mask. You can mix mashed avocado and yogurt or mashed banana and honey. When choosing a facial mask to use, consider the allergies of your kids and their guests.

Check out these relevant resources and find the best facial mask suitable for your young ladies. 

Watch this video and learn how to make yogurt and honey facial mask.

4. Spa Party Snacks and Refreshments

Your birthday celebrant and her friends might be out of energy after getting beautified. Make sure to prepare something that will pamper their stomachs too. You can serve drinks and finger foods while their feet are soaked or while the nail polish is drying. Fresh fruit drinks are perfect to keep the girls relaxed. 

Tips in Hosting Kids' Spa Birthday Party - Fruit Smoothies

These relevant resources will definitely help you find the best smoothie you can serve to your guests.

  • 15 of the Best Kid-Friendly Smoothies: The post provides 15 recipes of kid-friendly smoothies including sunshine orange smoothie, beet and berries smoothie, and chocolate peanut butter banana smoothie. 
  • 21 Easy and Healthy Smoothies for Kids: The post offers 21 easy and healthy smoothies that your kids will surely love including honeydew melon cucumber smoothie, very berry smoothie, and banana smoothie.
  • Best Smoothies for Kids: The post provides five recipes of smoothies for kids including avocado and strawberry smoothie, banana, honey, and hazelnut smoothie, and creamy mango and coconut smoothie.

To ensure that the spa feel will be extended up to the table, put marshmallows on a jar and label it with cotton balls. Wafers are ideal representatives of nail files. Marshmallow nail polish will also excite them. Check out this recipe and  start preparing your edible nail polish.

Do not forget to include a “Build Your Own Fruit Pizza” table. Instead of the traditional pizza, you can replace the pizza dough with a soft sugar cookie as the crust, pizza sauce with whipped cream frosting or sweet vanilla yogurt. Use sliced fresh fruits as toppings. Your little lady and her guests will definitely keep coming back for more. 

5. Party Favors

Your party favor should also resonate with the theme of the party. You can prepare a mini-pampering and beauty kit. For a practical sense, you can personalized the things they’ve used during the party including the tub and toe separator. These can be counted as your party favor. You can also consider hair ties, shower gel, lip gloss, hand lotion, and cologne.

Here are some of the budget-friendly spa party favors that your guests will surely love.

Relevant Resources:

Check out these relevant resources and find out more ideas on how to throw a successful spa birthday party for your young lady. 

Tips in Hosting Kids' Spa Birthday Party - Relevant Resources

Throwing a party for your soon-to-be-grow-ups is a lot more challenging compared to the young ones. A spa party is the best option to this transition phase. Enjoy the party!

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