Tips on How to Make Your Own Emoji Pinata

Tips on How to Make Your Own Emoji Pinata

Thinking of having an emoji-themed party for your kid’s next party? Do not forget to include an emoji pinata on your list of activities and decorations. One of the best parts of the party is the pinata. It adds excitement and fun to the guests. They always look forward to breaking it or pulling the correct string and collect some treats. 

Ready-made Pinatas

Tips on How to Make Your Own Emoji Pinata - Thinking Emoji

There are lots of emoticons you can choose from. You can create a smiling pinata, a heart-face one or a cool pinata. You can dig the internet and pick the best ready-made pinatas. To help you with the search, we’ve listed some of the ideal pinatas you might like.

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  • Pinatas Cool Emoji: Use to add fun to summer parties and cool birthdays. The pinata measure 16” high by 16” long and 6” deep and holds 2 lbs. of toys and candy. Comes with strong cable tie to hang pinata and opening for adding fillers.
  • Pinatas Mexican Emoji: Makes a great decoration, fun party game and exclusive photo prop. Measures 16.5 by 15 by 6 inches and holds approximately 2 pounds of fillers, enough for 8 guests. Pinata comes with cable tie to hang from and opening at the back for adding fillers.
  • APINATA4U Winking Emoticon Pinata: Handcrafted traditional hit with a stick pinata made from recycled cardboard. Sturdy enough for multiple guests to participate. Size is 16″ in diameter and 4″ deep and can hold approximately 3-5 pounds candy. 

More emoji pinatas to choose from. 

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  • Pinatas Heart Eyes in Love Emoji: Today’s most famous sign of love! This emoticon pinata makes a great gift for friends and loved ones. Pinata measures 16″ high by 16″ long by 6″ deep and holds 2 lbs. of toys and candy. Perfect for Emoji themed birthday parties, office events or simply for texting addicts!
  • Pinatas Poo Pile: Pinata measures 13 in. high by 13 in. long by 6 in. deep. Fill with 2 lbs. of fillers maximum for pinata to resist everyone’s hits. Bonus: makes a great table decoration and photo prop too. Comes with a hanger and opening for adding fillers. 
  • Pinatas Hi Five Hand Emoji: This give me five emoticon is perfect for birthdays, office parties or any celebration inspired by the emoji movie. Pinata measures 19″ high by 13″ long by 6″ deep and holds 2 lbs. of toys and candy. Comes with strong cable tie to hang pinata and opening for adding fillers.

DIY Emoji Pinatas

If you don’t feel like purchasing a ready-made pinata, you can opt to make your own. DIY emoji pinatas are easy and fun to make. You will need crepe paper or tissue paper, cardboard, and string. You can even ask your little ones to help you in making the pinata. Transform your party into something memorable and well-remembered with these beautiful emoji pinatas.

Tips on How to Make Your Own Emoji Pinata - Different Emojis

Here are some of the suggested products that you can use for your DIY pinata. We’ve listed the primary things you need in making your own emoji pinata. 

Video Tutorials

Watch this video and learn how to make an amazing emoji pinata that you can boast on your party. Replace the scratch tickets with kids-friendly treats.

Here’s another video to help you and inspire you more with your DIY emoji pinata.

If you want to include more members of the Emoji movie, you can make the mini versions. Here’s a video tutorial on how to make mini emoji pull-string pinatas. You can fill them with candy and let your kids beat them or design them as pull-strings. Mini pinatas are wonderful giveaways for your guests too.

You can also check out these relevant resources on how to make amazing pinatas that will rock your party. 

  • 5 DIY Emoji Themed Pinatas to Rock Your Party Decor: The post provides five DIY emoji themed pinatas that are perfect for any birthday or special event, especially if there are lots of children. It includes complete step-by-step instructions that will guide you well. It features smile emoji pinata, cool and scared emoji, and heart face emoji pinata. 
  • Tutorial: DIY Emoji Pinata: The post provides a quick guide on how to make a pinata for yourself. It includes that complete list of materials needed as well as the step-by-step process of making the pinata.
  • My DIY | Mini Emoji Pinata: The post provides a step-by-step guide on how to make mini emoji pinatas. It lists the materials you will need in making these cute emoji pinatas including cardboard, scissors, and tissue paper.

Ideal Pinata Fillers

Tips on How to Make Your Own Emoji Pinata - Broken Pinata

Treat your guests with these awesome party favors they can collect once the pinata is broken. Aside from candies, make sure to add some useful things that they can use everyday. This will make your party more memorable. We’ve listed some of the helpful party favors that are perfect for your pinata. 

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  • Emoticon Party Favors: Set includes 12 slinkys, 12 pencil sharpeners, 12 stamps, 24 erasers, and 144 tattoos. Emoticon stampers come in various colors and faces, making a fun activity for kids. Ball sharpeners open and closes, making the perfect no-mess sharpener.
  • Kicko Flashing Emoticon Rings: Set includes 12 emoticon rings. No sharp or rough edges making these ideal for small hands. Made of durable and non-toxic materials.
  • Ivenf Pack of 50 Emoji Poop Plush Keychain Birthday Party Favors Supplies: Adorable mini smiley emoticon pillow design. The toys are very soft and comfortable, novel fun backpack decorations. You can clip plush keychains on a backpack or anywhere you like. 

Creating your own pinata is not that difficult. Once you’ve tried creating one, you will be inspired to create more and explore other possibilities. Have you tried making a pinata? If yes, feel free to share your tips and ideas in the comment box. 

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