10 Affordable Venues for Your Kids' Birthday Party

10 Affordable Venues for Your Kids’ Birthday Party

Planning for our kids’ birthday party is both exciting and stressful. There are lots of things to do and to consider, especially the budget. We always want to throw the best and the most memorable party for our kids; however, this should not hurt our bank accounts. One of the most expensive elements of the party is the venue, especially if you are going to rent one. Instead of hosting the party on expensive venues, why not look for cheaper ones? We’ve listed 10 affordable venues for kids’ birthday parties.


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Community park is one of the best and cheapest venues to host your kids’ birthday party. This is often free of charge plus you don’t have to spend for decorations since the natural background is already perfect for picture taking. You don’t have to plan for party activities because most parks have playground equipment that can keep your guests entertained. You can also invite as many guests as you want since there is no per-person fee. If you want to be prepared for an unexpected weather change, you can rent the pavilion and other facilities for a cheaper price. Feel free to coordinate with the local government to check their rules and regulations in conducting events at the park or if they offer cheap birthday packages.

It would be perfect to conduct the party in the morning or in the afternoon so you only have to prepare for snacks. Since kids will be roaming around, you can prepare finger foods and chips that are individually packed. You can also grill hotdog. Lesser stress and budget-friendly.

Things to consider when hosting a birthday party at the park: 

  • Weather – It would be best to organize a party at the park if your kids’ birthday falls under summer to ensure the success of the party.
  • First come, first serve – Most of the time (especially if the weather is perfect for an outdoor getaway), parks are crowded. Make sure to reserve an area where you can set up your table and other stuff.
  • It is a public space – There will be no privacy since you will be sharing the area with the general public. Most probably, your kids would love to mingle and share the playground with other kids. 

When conducting a party at the park, make sure to clean all your trash before leaving. Remember that it is your responsibility to keep our surroundings clean.

2. Rental Halls

If you want to make sure that the weather will not ruin your party, there are halls that can be rented at a reasonable price, like Veteran’s Hall, community center, and local club buildings. It will require a little effort since you need to decorate the area plus you need to plan for activities and the menu. On a brighter side, you can invite a larger number of guests plus kids will have enough space for the activities. In terms of the decorations, you can opt to prepare DIY decorations and use some recyclable materials. Watch this video and learn 15 amazing DIY decorations that are ideal for your kids birthday party.

3. Community Pool

Who wouldn’t want a little splish and splash on the water? Kids will definitely love spending a day at the pool. However, hosting a pool party is somewhat expensive. Instead of renting an expensive private pool, you can look for a local, community, or neighborhood’s pool that can be used for free or for minimal price. Most probably, you don’t have to prepare so much food since your guests will be busy enjoying the water. Better get those swimwear on and let the splash begins.

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Check out the following relevant resources and learn more about planning a pool party.


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Why not enhance your kids’ knowledge about the fire station and firemen? Oftentimes, conducting birthday parties at fire station is free of charge. You just need to coordinate with the fire station personnel and schedule a trip. It is also a must to know their rules and regulations when conducting a party at their station. You also don’t have to prepare for the activities since firefighters already have a program fully lined-up for their guests. You also don’t have to prepare extravagant food because kids will be more interested in exploring the station. It is your choice to prepare tokens of appreciation for the personnel who assisted you. One of the downsides of conducting a birthday party at fire station is that the number of guests are limited since the station can only accommodate small number.

5. Local Gym or Recreational Areas

Gym or recreation center is also one of the best options in hosting your kids’ birthday party. You may want to check out with your nearest YMCA facility and see if they have available rooms for your event. Some may offer it for free while others may ask for small fee or donations. It is also ideal to visit the building to determine the activities you can incorporate for the party since other facilities have swimming pool and sports center.

6. Town Buildings


Ask around the neighborhood about the nearest town buildings you can host your kids’ party. In some towns, train stations have a room where you can conduct your kids’ birthday party. You can also consider taking a tour at your local children’s or historical museums. Most of the museums offer a free admission during school holidays. There are also libraries that offer birthday packages for an affordable price. These town buildings can be used for free or be rented for an affordable price. It is important to coordinate with the appropriate personnel to book your event and know the dos and don’ts when using their facilities.

7. Bowling Alleys

You can never go wrong in hosting a bowling birthday party. Kids as well as adults will totally enjoy hitting those pins and score. Make sure to call your ideal bowling alley, reserve your target date, and confirm if you can bring food. To lessen the hassle, you can just order snacks from the bowling alley food service. You can also ask the parents to bring water for their kids to cut some dollars on beverages. It is also important to know if there are available bowling shoes for kids so you could instruct the parents to let their kids wear sturdy sneakers.

Here are some relevant resources in organizing a bowling birthday party.

Watch this video and be inspired to organize your kids’ next birthday party on a bowling alley. Witness how the kids had a good laugh despite those gutter balls at the beginning.

8. Movie Theater

Isn’t exciting to let your kids watch their favorite movie with their friends? Hosting a movie theater party definitely won’t hurt your pocket plus you don’t have to deal with stressing to-do lists when organizing a party. The theater got all the planning covered, including decorations, party activities, and food. All you have to do is call the movie house near you, book your event, and wait for the big day.

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Read these relevant resources and your movie theater party will surely be a hit. 

9. Fast Food or Local Restaurants

You can always check out if your kids’ favorite fast food chain is offering a budget-friendly birthday package. McDonald’s is an ideal and thrifty option to conduct your kids’ party. It is almost everywhere so you won’t have a hard time locating the store near you. You also don’t have to worry about the program since the package already includes the host, the activities, and the prizes. All you have to do is watch your children and their guests enjoy the party. A less stressful party for an affordable price. Find out more about McDonald’s Party Packages. If fast food is not your cup of tea, you can consider a local restaurant that offers a reasonable birthday package. 

10. ZOO


Why not enjoy an outdoor activity at the zoo? Kids will definitely enjoy and appreciate visiting the animals plus they will learn more about zoo animals. Kids will have enough space to walk, run, and burn some energy. Local zoos also offer affordable birthday packages that won’t leave you broke.

Here are some of the local zoos that offer birthday packages for kids.

Venues for birthday parties should not left you with an empty pocket. Remember that your kids will not remember how expensive and extravagant the venue was. What they will remember is the fun and happiness they’ve felt during the party. Always consider a cheaper option. Most importantly, be responsible enough with your trash. You have the chance to use the area or the facility for free so it is your obligation to keep it clean.

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