10 Trending Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Birthday parties excite not just our kids but us adults too. However, hosting or organizing a party is not as exciting as it may seem. It requires extra time and effort as well as dealing with an endless to-do list. Despite the stress and pressure, seeing our kids happy makes everything worth it. To help you ease the stress from identifying the best and ideal theme for your kids’ birthday party, we have listed 10 trending birthday party ideas. Do not forget to involve the celebrant when choosing the theme for his/her party.


Who would say NO to a magical party? Kids love magic, unicorn, and rainbow so they will surely appreciate a unicorn-themed party. Unicorn and rainbow go hand-in-hand so do not forget to make your decorations as colorful as it could be. Remember that your guests would love to capture the moment, make it count. Let your guests enter the world of magic and fantasy. You can also welcome them with a cute and enticing appetizer. Be sure to include magical games and activities that will keep your guests entertained. Of course, it is important to serve them a combination of sweets and healthy food.

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Do you wanna build a snowman or you just wanna let it go? Who doesn’t love Olaf, Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff? Your guests will definitely freeze with your frozen-themed party. Turn the venue into a Frozen winter wonderland with snowflakes hanging and scattered everywhere plus snowman guarding the entrance and every corner of the venue. Hang various twinkling icicle lights and cover the table with blue tablecoth. Check out these ideal decorations:

Never forget to include shivering birthday games and activities to keep the frozen-vibe alive. You can let your guests create their own Olaf, pin the nose of Olaf, and a singing contest of the song “Let it Go.” You can also freeze the moment by preparing healthy snacks with a touch of Elsa’s magic.

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3. Arts & Crafts

Does your kids love doing some crafts or do you wanna discover if they have that creative skills? By organizing an arts & crafts-themed birthday party, you can unleash your kids’ artistic side. Painting, drawing, coloring, and the likes are surely a thing for them. So start setting-up your backyard or living room into a mini-art studio and let the future artists create their masterpiece. You can include the following art and crafts supplies and let the little artists get to work.

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Who wouldn’t want to save the day and be the crowd’s favorite? With the different movies about superheroes, your kids will definitely love to dress-up and become a mini-version of their favorite superhero. Determine who is the favorite of your celebrant, is it a member of Marvel or DC heroes? Make sure that the activities involve some sort of saving to make them feel the superhero-vibe. It is also a must to serve healthy snacks to maintain the strengths of our little heroes. A little sweet will also be helpful to keep their adrenaline rush. It is also important that your decorations resonate superpowers and teamwork.

We’ve gone ahead and listed some party supplies that you’ll need to turn your venue into a superhero headquarter.

No products found.

Do not forget to remind your guests to wear their favorite superhero costumes too. You can also check out these resources and find more ideas in organizing your superhero birthday party.

5. Scavenger Hunt Party

If the birthday celebrant loves adventure, try to organize a scavenger hunt party for him/her. If the weather permits, it would be best to conduct the party at your local park. You can host either a treasure hunt type or a find this list of things scavenger hunt. A treasure hunt type will challenge your guests to answer several riddles and clues to find the exact location where the treasure is buried. Make sure that you were able to place the clues at the correct areas before your guests arrive. On the other hand, find this list of things scavenger hunt requires the players to find all the items on the list.

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6. Cowboy Birthday Party

Howdy, partners! Welcome to Wild West! Gather all the cowboys in town and let the rodeo begins. To organize a western-themed birthday party, it is important that your guests will feel Wild West aura from the invitation, decoration, and food. It should be a total package to excite your little guests to put on their cowboy boots and hats. Here are some of the supplies that you need to make your party the best cowboy gathering in town.

Most importantly, the celebrant should be the star of the event. You might want to consider purchasing these costumes to make him/her the best-dressed cowboy in town.

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7. The Secret Life of Pets Themed Party

Who doesn’t find the movie “The Secret Life of Pets” adorable and lovable? Max is a total stunner. If your kids love pets, this theme is the perfect one for them. You can organize a party that both involves your child’s friends and their pets. It’s the best time to know more about each other and their pets. You can also note on your invitation that they can dress-up their pets too. Amazing prizes awaits for the best-dressed pet. Make sure to include a fashion show on your activity, a time for the owner and the pet to show their glamour. It is required to prepare food treats for the pets and reserve an extra space for them when it’s time to eat.

8. Camping Party

Calling all the campers to packed their things and be a part of a fun-filled party. Adventure and delicious food await. You better start collecting woods too for the bonfire. Reserve an ample amount of marshmallows and hotdogs too. For the young ones, there is no need for an overnight camping. You can start the activity in the afternoon and ends it with a simple gathering around the bonfire while grilling their marshmallows and hotdogs. Mention on the invitation that they can bring their own tents. As an opening activity, you can let the kids help in setting-up the tents. There is no need for decorations, but you may want to include a welcome banner for your campers. You can also include signage, like this way to the camp site, bonfire, and the likes. You can also prepare simple food to keep the camping-vibe.

9. Dinosaur Party

Despite being scary, dinosaurs are crowd’s one of the favorite animals. Kids will definitely shout for joy on your dinosaur-themed birthday party. There are lots to consider when hosting a dinosaur-themed party. It is necessary to distribute a fantastic invitation, then plan for a roaring decorations, activities, and menu. Sit back and relax, we got you covered. Here are some resources that will help you host a dinosaur-themed party with a roar.

You can also check out this video tutorial on how to make a simple dinosaur cake that your guests will surely love.

10. Lego Birthday Party

Does building blocks interest your young one? Better get those blocks ready and throw a Lego-themed birthday party. Kids will surely enjoy creating their ideal building. You will be shocked with how talented they are in building blocks. Make you Lego-themed party a talk of the town by reading these relevant resources.

Planning for your kids’ birthday party will be more fun and easy if you involve the birthday celebrant. Let him/her decide on the theme he/she wants, the guest list, the activities, and the menu. But you can always suggest something something more affordable if what he/she wants is beyond the budget. Remember that main goal of the party is to make our little ones happy.

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